Oakland remains a diverse mosaic of urban delights for adventure seekers


Change one visitor’s perceptions at a time

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – Even for the ephemeral visitor, it’s almost impossible to overlook the passion and pride Oaklanders have for their beloved city of nearly 425,000 residents. For good reason. Spend some time here and you’ll quickly discover that within this California city often famous for its sharper edges, there is a vibrant undercurrent of creative energy, design, and cultural delights. The scenic beauty and natural wonders add to the many surprises you will discover in this proud city.

A city of bold contrasts, visitors can stage their own adventure among Auckland’s astonishingly diverse range of travel experiences. Start your day with a contemplative morning amidst the towering Redwoods or a stroll around the waterfront in the famous Jack London Square. Spend the day exploring thought-provoking museums and art galleries or immersing yourself in the frantic fun of the urban hustle and bustle. A colorful mosaic of neighborhoods, Auckland’s charm blends in all directions over its 78 square miles. From breathtaking views to urban delights, there is something for everyone. Yes, come on Visit Auckland!

Shopping in Auckland

Things to do in Auckland

art way

Impossible to miss, the massive murals and art installations around Auckland are one of the compelling and colorful clues to the creative events and expressive statements being made across the city. Art Root Oakland Captures the spirit with a free, self-guided tour that will leave you in awe. If you are looking for unique, high-quality artwork to hang in your business or home, Auckland art galleries are sure to inspire you!

starting points

Artwork of Tyranny Allen
Tyrant Allen Gallery

Tyrant Allen Gallery
461 9th Street Suite C
A memorable name, Tyranny Allen is a self-described serial entrepreneur based in Oakland and during the pandemic breaking out into the local art scene. Demand and success soon followed. Featuring original artwork and highlighting artwork by artists of color, Tyranny Allen Gallery has become a way to help break down prejudice and open up unlikely friendships.

Contemporary baskets
He is currently showing the work of Tobias Tovera, where the physical, metaphysical and elemental worlds intersect. Surreal and fun experience. SLATE Contemporary is known for its focus on abstract painting and photography. It is located at 473 25th Street in Oakland.
Learn and go to https://www.slatecontainer.com/

e14 gallery and shop
e14 is about community. Featuring artists with deep connections and a strong love for Oakland, they proudly say, “We honor Oakland as an incubator of revolutionary consciousness and the distinguished artists here embody the spirit of uprising, self-determination and cultural rebellion in their work.”
Located at 461 9th Street, learn more at https://www.e14gallery.com/

Visit art galleries to get a peek into Auckland’s artsy side!

Museums and Auckland Zoo

Chabot Space and Science Center

Milky Way at Chabot Science

Time travel made easy at Chabot Space & Science Center. Large telescopes allow the audience to gaze into the sky and a guided planetarium show that will make you rethink your place in the universe. It’s all beyond fun! The exhibits provide a glimpse into past and present space travel. Follow the flag in a family-friendly setting Chabot and Science Center.

OMCA – Oakland California Museum

the Oakland Museum, California He guides you through California’s history while highlighting successes and struggles, many of which continue to this day. The carefully curated and presented museum evokes sympathy and compassion more than most. Must visit.

Oakland Zoo

A longtime favourite, Auckland Zoo brings back fond memories many years ago. Now is the perfect time to create new experiences. Auckland Zoo has made transformative changes since our last visit and you will not be disappointed. To see how the Auckland Zoo rises above, check out our site The last article here.

Natural Beauty

Reinhardt Redwood Provincial Park

Our recent visit to Auckland made us reconfigure our misconceptions. Bukolik’s parks, towering redwoods, and quiet escapes were at odds with our mental view of urban life in Oakland. Boasting 1,200 miles of trails and 19 miles of coastline, Oakland is brimming with places to soothe the soul while contemplating and enjoying the California outdoors. If you are looking for some of the best spots, the scenery on clear days is breathtaking. Unexpected Zen moments are a way to find you here.

Reinhardt Redwood Provincial Park
The largest remaining natural stand of coastal redwoods found in East Bay, Reinhardt Redwood Provincial Park It boasts 40 miles of trails, picnicking, and camping facilities. Clean and spacious, a great place for family and friends to relax and unwind.

Lake Merritt
The popular urban lake and surrounding neighborhoods allow visitors to shop, dine and recreate without missing out. Jog around the lake or glide across the lake on a kayak, Lake Merritt is the place to soak up it.

We ♥ Oakland

Traveling is a good way to turn assumptions upside down. Heading to Auckland, we expected more of a gritty big-city vibe. What we discovered was the exact opposite. Sociable locals, endless smiles, and transparency we don’t usually associate with many American cities.

This edgy city still retains its creative, vibrant and energetic appeal thanks to the people and cultures that love this place they proudly call home.

Auckland changing perceptions, one visitor at a time. Yes, come on Visit Auckland!

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