Outer Banks Season 3: Who are the new characters?


Netflix has confirmed the third season of Outer Banks and announced that three great actors will join the main cast as the series unfolds. Here we tell you who they are and what roles they will play.

offshore banks It returns with a major expansion in the cast. Season 3 will bring the Pogues back with the Kooks and it looks like we’re in for some action packed episodes. Production took a little longer to restart due to the death of Alexander “AJ” Jennings Doppler for anyone main actors.

Now it’s time for everyone to embark on their treasure hunt and pick up the story where the dramatic season two finale left off. Filming for the expected third installment has ended in August of this year and will feature a returning cast, playing legendary characters such as Sarah Cameron, Bob, JJ, Kiara, Cleo, Ravi and John B.

Chase StokesMadeleine Klein, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Davis, Carlasia Grant, Drew Starkey, and Rudy Bankoff (who played Young Sam in Tom Hollands Uncharted) all announced that we can expect a lot more dramas of love as episodes begin.

OBX Season 3: Who are the new characters and who is playing them?

In mid-June this year, Netflix announced that several top actors will be joining the new episodes for good (for now). The three announced so far are Station Eleven’s Andy McQueenZ’s . Control Fiona Palomo And Stargirl’s Lou Ferrigno Jr.

Andy will play Carlos SinghA ruthless Caribbean-style leader begins his own mission to find gold. You will be Fiona Sophia, a feisty young woman known as Pogue but really wants to be a Kook and will have a close relationship with Rafe. will play lu Rayansecurity officer Carlos, who knows how to do his job and strives to never fail.

Chase Stokes, who plays John B, made it clear during an interview with Elite Daily in April of this year that he can’t wait for fans to see everything they’ve worked on this season, which he doesn’t even know how it goes to play it.

“The writers really like to keep us on their toes, and I think that creates shows that really grab your attention at the moment… I have no idea what’s going on other than what we shot in Barbados. I think a lot of the loose ends are going to be tied up. Lots of questions will be answered. And as usual, these kids will go through the succulents.” confirmed it.

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