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As far as weeks go by, this one was as annoying as it comes.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 It’s officially over after three days of interviews, startup pitches, and “oh my god I know you from Twitter” moments. I think I can speak for my co-workers when I say that we are all exhausted and refreshed, in some way, at the same damn time.

So, let’s do something a little different for Startups Weekly. This week, instead of going through our usual summary of the news, I’d like to honor some of the conference’s best moments, both on and off stage. Below you will find some fun, witty, and accurate quotes linked to a related story if available.

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Enjoy, and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

Heard in TechCrunch Disrupt 2022

  • “Do I choose this? If I had a magic wand to design a health care system that leaves people desperate behind every single day? A health care system that says someone like me, who looks like me, only by virtue of my race has a three to six times more chance of dying during pregnancy due to systemic factors due to unfair racism.” Totally repressed in our system, our society, our healthcare system because of stigma? Because of the lack of equitable access to services? Of course not,” City Block Health Co-founder and CEO Tween Ajayi. The full story is here.
  • “Social products tend not to invent new behaviors. They tend to take the things that we do as human beings that we have basically shown we enjoy doing, and they just make it so easy to do that with anyone in the world,” Club House Co-founder and CEO Paul Davison.
  • “Tech Crunch? That sounds like a piece of candy,” An elegant woman in the elevator.
  • “We are past COVID, I argue again, and we are now looking at a possible recession. And in recessions, transportation has historically always been stable; it’s a necessary thing that people need. And $30 salads on food delivery are not stable in recessions,” Lift founding partner John Zimmer About why he didn’t get into the food delivery business. The full story is here.
  • “I was told that people didn’t talk about hydrogen during happy hour quite as much last night as you were supposed to. So they brought me back so we can stress it a little bit here.” advanced ions Founder and Chairman of the Executive Board Chad Mason. The full story is here.
  • “Be sure to say it again; I don’t get paid for this,” comedian and investor Kevin Hart. The full story is here.
  • “Confidence is consistency over time,” figma Executive Director Dylan field. The full story is here.
  • “Just to clarify, you are extracting lithium from brine and making a lithium battery And the drinking water?” Take Crunch Editor in Chief Matthew Panzarino for founders Minerva Lithium (And this year’s Startup Battlefield winner.) The full story is here.
  • “The way I think about fundraising is that it’s a theater for young children,” metafi Executive Director Josh Fabian.
  • “We actually bought most of the billboards in San Francisco for three months for $300,000. Which, you know, might sound like a lot of money, but we raised about $60 million at the time, so it wasn’t huge for us. It was hugely successful. We definitely got in the first month much more than we spent on billboards.” Henrique de Beaugrassfounder and co-CEO of Brix.
  • “I don’t need BeReal because I’m real every day,” Take Crunch Audience Development Manager Alyssa Stringer.
  • “If taking super glue from a founder to fix my broken acrylic nail crunch was the worst option I’d make at Disrupt, I think I would have worked,” Take Crunch Senior Reporter Amanda Silberling.
  • “What is your podcast?” Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green For TechCrunch Hardware Editor Brian Heater. The full story is here.
  • “I will come and maybe get beaten up by the security guards or something. [I’ll tell them] She said I could play,” Take Crunch Deputy Editor-in-Chief Jordan Crooke Play tennis with a tennis legend and venture capital Serena Williams.
  • In response, “You said you could watch,” tennis legend and venture capitalist Serena Williams. The full story is here.
  • “There’s a new problem we’re having with doing fairness on stage. I haven’t worn makeup in four years and touch my face a lot. Even now I have makeup all over my hands. So if you see me, don’t let me hug you because you’ll get a weirdly shaped handprint,” Tech Crunch + Editor in Chief Alex Wilhelm. Full podcast here.

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