Pacers’ Myles Turner clarifies his comments on Lakers trade interest



Myles Turner recently raised some eyebrows when he considered a potential Lakers interest in trading for him and Pacers teammate Buddy Heald.

Miles Turner.
© Michael Reeves / Getty ImagesMiles Turner.

Russell Westbrook He has left a lot to be desired so far since he joined Los Angeles Lakers last year. One of the strongest trade rumors that Brodie has been associated with was a potential move to Indiana as part of a package for Miles Turner And the Friends Hield.

The Pacers The duo looks pretty good for a team that has been going into rebuilding mode, while purple and gold Some proven talent can be used against Ross. In the end, things stayed the way they were Where no agreement was reached.

However, Turner recently made an interesting remark about the potential interest from Lakers trading in his favour. The Pacers Center suggested that if he was in this position, he would I wouldn’t doubt it.

What did Miles Turner say about a possible deal with the Lakers?

“If I were the Lakers, I take a good look at this from the position you are in, and I know I can give my team leadership, my stopping shots, my three-point ability, and my ability just to make plays right there on the ground. I’ll take a long look at it,” Turner said on wog pod. “I think there is another side that plays great and plays under LeBron, I feel it demands a certain level of excellence especially at this point in his career.”

Turner even explained why he’d rather play for a franchise like the Lakers than be part of the Pacers: “Just playing in the bigger market, I feel like here in the Midwest we’re not getting the love I think we deserve. […] You’re under the microscope out there in the West, when you do something bad you’ll hear about it. When you do a great job, you get a lot of love, especially with the love the Lakers get.

Miles Turner clarifies his comments

Soon, the Pacers’ position regressed and He made it clear that he’s comfortable in Indiana. Turner said he was only talking about a hypothetical scenario, but he’s fine now.

“I’m excited about what we have here in Indiana,” Turner said to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype. “I understand that Some of the things I may have said in this podcast may have been misunderstood in answering hypothetical questions.

“It’s not virtual. I’m here in Indiana. I have real estate in Indiana. I have a fan section in our own yard.” I am easy. I’ve been a softball player throughout my career. I can’t tell the future, but where I am now, I’m very happy.

Pacers fans will be more than happy to hear this from the center. However, it remains to be seen till when Turner will remain in Indiana as he is in the final year of his four-year, $80 million extension.

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