Packers and potential destinations for DJ Moore



With the Carolina Panthers moving all of their stars, DJ Moore could be the next man to come off the team.

DJ More
© Mike Comer/Getty ImagesDJ More

The Carolina Panthers I officially entered full tank mode. So, the only thing left is to make a decision Who is he worst quarterback Between Sam Darnold and Baker MayfieldAnd the Because they won’t want to win any other games.

No matter the jokes, the Panthers are finally cleaning the house after they leave Matt Rowley he goes. Robbie Anderson I found a new home, and so did you Christian McCaffrey So most people speculate DJ More It could be next.

Moore posted multiple seasons at 1,100 yards, which is a great feature Looking at the revolving door average passerby play with him. Therefore, he should be someone in demand as the teams are looking to improve in the second half of the season.

NFL Rumors: Possible touchdown points for DJ Moore

3. New York Giants

Don’t look now, but New York Giants by Brian Dabol It is a legitimate competitor of NFC East. They have a chance of a 7-1 lead to start the season, and their success early in the year wasn’t a fluke at all.

But Daniel Jones Still mediocre at best, they had suffered a large number of casualties in the troops receiving them. Adding DJ Moore will give them a powerful and reliable passing tool for Jones inversions and coups.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson He continues to post video game-like numbers week after week. However, the Baltimore Ravens They continued to hit big late in the games, some of which has to do with their one-dimensional offense.

The Ravens blatantly refuse to give Jackson more weapons, even trading Marquis “Hollywood” Brown before the start of the season. But the fit and need are obvious, so they should enter Moore’s sweepstakes.

1. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers He made it clear that he was not satisfied with Green Bay Packers A passing game. Watching them was awful, and Matt LaFleur It was a very conservative method due to its lack of weapons.

The Packers have some promising rookies in Romeo Dobbs and Christian Watson, But they need an experienced expert who can help right away. Fitting Moore’s knots into their books can be tricky, but it’s what they need now.

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