Pakistan polio vaccination drive to target 13.5 million children


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The 3rd Sub-National Immunization Days campaign of 2022 was launched to vaccinate 13.5 million children under the age of five in 36 districts in Pakistan.

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The campaign will start from November 28 across the country and includes nine districts in Punjab, eight districts in Sindh, and six districts in Balochistan and Islamabad. The campaign will kick off in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on December 5, targeting nine high-risk areas in the region. More than 100,000 trained and dedicated “Sehat Muhafiz” will participate in the vaccination drive to vaccinate targeted children at their doorsteps.

If we can eradicate the poliovirus from southern KP, we will succeed in eradicating polio completely from Pakistan. “We are actually very close to the finish line and we are determined to get there as soon as possible,” said Abdul Qadir Patel, Federal Minister for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination. Pakistan has made great strides in the fight against polio, as the spread of the virus has been reduced to only a small part of the country.

Pakistan reported 20 cases of wild polio, and the 17th case in North Waziristan

Dr. Shahzad Beg, coordinator of the National Center for Emergency Operations, emphasized that the polio campaign requires collective action at all levels to completely eradicate poliovirus in the country. “Our goal is to ensure timely and frequent vaccination of eligible children. High risk areas are our top priority, and we are dedicated to eradicating poliovirus from difficult areas while also protecting the rest of the area.

“I particularly urge all parents and caregivers to vaccinate their children rather than hiding them or refusing to take the necessary drops during all vaccination campaigns. It is important to realize that poliovirus is still in our surroundings, and no child is safe until all children are truly vaccinated.”

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