Paolo Banchero and leading candidates for Rookie of the Year


Over the NBA Date, Some of the rookies proved their worth from day one. They don’t need an adjustment period and can go from toe to toe with LeBron James or Kevin Durants from the game Just like the old warriors.

Luka Doncic and Tra Young AHere are two recent examples of this trend. They didn’t need much time before displaying their skills, and they continued to improve as two of the league’s rising stars.

It is worth noting that this NBA Draft The class also features a lot of interesting talent. And while they may not be as good as Doncic and Young right away, they will make some noise. check the Top 3 ROY Earning Candidates.

NBA Rumors: 3 Notable Nominees for Rookie of the Year Award

3. Benedict Mathurin

Benedict Mathurin He wasn’t a top 5 player pick, but his confidence is at an all-time high. Taking 7’3″ Christapps Porsingis To the edge in his first official NBA game, put him in a poster and prove his ability to score like the best of them all.

Mathurin has already made a big splash to the bench for Indiana Pacers. He’s dropping picks from all three levels at an impressive pace, and it wouldn’t be too shocking to see him on top of the ROY race at the end of the year.

2. Jabbari Smith, Jr.

Most insiders and analysts expect Jabbari Smith Jr. To be the first overall pick this year. He’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder after dropping into third and he’s got the skill to be a Hall of Famer by just saying and doing it all.

Smith Jr. has an arm strap. He can drop shots from downtown like a shooting ranger, and he has the potential to be an elite defender too. The Houston Rockets It will give him as many shots as he can handle.

1. Paolo Banchero

Paulo Banchero He had one of the most impressive NBA runs of all time, scoring 27 points with 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals in 11/18 shooting. This was just a glimpse of what he could do at night.

Banchero was the most prepared potential NBA player in his class. He’s got the goalkeeper’s grips and playmaking skills, and a beautiful and effective volley. The Orlando Magic They may have finally found the cornerstone of their franchise.

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