Paolo Banchero clinches a new record as a rookie



Paolo Banchero continues to push for the Rookie of the Year award. This time, the #1 overall pick for the 2022 NBA Draft set a new high-scoring record as a freshman starting player in the NBA.

Paulo Banchero of the Orlando Magic
© Nick Antaya / Getty ImagesPaulo Banchero of the Orlando Magic

Paulo Banchero Rising season with Orlando Magic can be set up for ROY Award Winner. However, there are other players like Benedict Mathurin, who also raises his hand. Although Banchero has already proven to be the next big star in the NBA, the season is long enough for a nice showdown for him.

It’s a good way to watch one of the most promising stars fulfill expectations, like the other one in 2022 NBA Draft Season, chit holgrim Can’t do it because a End of season injury. This is why this type of player is good in the league, because they sometimes give the unexpected. However, this does not mean that his career will be successful.

In fact, this achievement only means that he performs a role Orlando Magic We expect, because at this time, the rebuilding project is more important than anything else. In fact, some analysts and journalists are starting to make a possible rumor about them. However, it won’t be seen until the regular season is over.

NBA News: Paolo Banchero sets a new record as a rookie

Paulo Banchero He’s starting a new week in the NBA as a proven talent after a huge start. As the #1 overall pick in 2022 NBA DraftBanchero got his first six matches with him 20+ points each, making him one of the best talents of the current season to watch. However, it was only the beginning.

Since the 1999-2000 NBA season only Three rookies in the NBA I pulled more than 140 points in the first seven games of the NBA regular season. these players Kevin Durant with 152 points K Seattle Supersonics player, and Brandon Jennings as a player with the Milwaukee Bucks 179 pointswho holds the record.

After Paolo Panchero’s seventh match against Dallas Mavericks for him rookie seasonI withdrew 159 points for Orlando MagicWhich means that he is the second junior player with the most points in his first seven official games in the NBA, according to the specialized site. StatMuse.

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