Paolo Banchero overtakes the 15-year Kevin Durant’s major rookie milestone



Paolo Banchero’s junior season is getting all the attention after a long run for a new player in the NBA. In fact, he surpassed a major achievement of Kevin Durant when he was a rookie as well.

Paulo Banchero of the Orlando Magic
© Douglas P. Devils/Getty ImagesPaulo Banchero of the Orlando Magic

Paulo Banchero Rising season with Orlando Magic It’s starting to look like possibilities ROY Award Winner. However, it is early in the season to be 100% sure. Although Banchero has already proven to be the next big star in the NBA, he knows, he’s over 15 years of achievement set Kevin Durant On the radar in his rookie season just yet Five matches in the league.

Although that doesn’t mean it will be remotely similar or close to Durant’s career NBA. It’s a good way to watch one of the most promising stars fulfill expectations, like the other one in 2022 NBA Draft Season, chit holgrim Can’t do it because a End of season injury.

In fact, this achievement only means that he fulfilled the role of leader Orlando Magic Needed at a time like this where they are currently in a new rebuild that has resulted in them being one of the worst teams in the recent past of NBA. As well as expected NBA franchise without a playoff.

NBA news: Paulo Banchero beats Kevin Durant in major debutante feat

During his first official week as an NBA player, Paulo Banchero He proved himself to others that he was the right-of-choice No. 1 overall in 2022 NBA Draft. In fact, Banchero currently has his first five matches 20+ points eachwas The seventh player to do soBut she was the youngest 19 years And the 11 months old NBA player.

However, this is only the beginning of this story. at first 22 NBA seasons of this centuryJust Three rookies in the NBA pulled over 100 points in the first 5 games in the NBA. These players were Daguan Wagner 104 points K Cleveland Cavaliers’ player in 2002-2003 season, Kendrick Nan with 112 points K Miami Heat playerAnd the Kevin Durant with 113 points K Seattle Supersonics player.

After Paolo Panchero’s five match against Cleveland Cavaliers for him rookie seasonI withdrew 120 points for Orlando Magicwhich means that he is the rookie who got the most points in his first five official games in the NBA, according to the specialized website. StatMuse.

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