Paolo Banchero resembles LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his debut



Paulo Banchero made his official debut in the NBA, reminding everyone of the performances of LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Paulo Banchero of the Orlando Magic dunks the ball
© Nick Antaya / Getty ImagesPaulo Banchero of the Orlando Magic dunks the ball

When 2022 NBA Draft Happened, everyone was surprised to choose #1 overall, which landed him Paulo Banchero which he chose Orlando Magic. From that moment on, all the NBA world wanted was to watch him play an official NBA game. After the match, his performance was similar to other great players who performed like him on his first night. LeBron James And the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

With such a performance by Banchero, time will tell whether he lives up to expectations, or will be like so many great novices who couldn’t. for example, Michael Carter WilliamsAnd the who had an amazing night performance for the first time with the Philadelphia 76ers with 22 points in 2014.

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say that Paulo Banchero will be the best competitors for Rookie of the Year Awardas a class member Chet Holmgren He had a season-ending injury that left him out of his first year with the National Basketball Association.

NBA news: Paulo Banchero looks like LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his NBA debut

Wednesday October 19 2022 The date on which #1 overall pick for the 2022 NBA DraftAnd the Paulo Banchero He made his first official appearance in the NBA. It hasn’t been full 24 hours since, and it’s already made a huge impact. Banchero also collected 27 points to miss LeBron James 25 points, the most points for For the first time in the NBA.

In fact, Banchero will score in NBA history, as The third ascendant with most points In his first official appearance. Just Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who pulled out 27 points with the Milwaukee Bucks In 1969, the Maurice Stokes Who put 32 points with the extinct Rochester Royalsagainst the New York Knicks In 1955 he scored more points than him, according to the specialized website StatMuse.

As he was leaving the building after the game, Banchero spoke with the NBA. “It’s a blessing, being me. I felt like I could have had 30 (points) something. I missed a bunch of passes, but I’m lucky. I thank my teammates, and excited to start my NBA journey on a good note.” . said 19 years in a nervous voice.

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