Paraguay accounts for more than 80% of confirmed chikungunya cases in the Americas


The same mosquito that transmits dengue can also transmit chikungunya virus, and in rare cases, it does so simultaneously.

Atypically, transmission of the virus from mother to newborn can occur when the latter has a fever at the time of birth or days before. The virus is not transmitted during pregnancy or through breast milk. No hugs, no kisses, no food, no air we breathe.

Chikungunya symptoms usually begin four to eight days after a mosquito bite, but can appear any time between the second and twelfth day.

The most common symptoms of chikungunya are a sudden fever and joint pain. This pain affects the hands, feet, knees, and back, and can make a person unable to walk and perform other basic actions, such as opening a bottle. The pain can last for a few days, and it can last for months or years.

Muscle aches and headaches may also appear, as well as a skin rash.

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When the picture is severe, warning signs appear:

• Bleeding from the nose, gums, vomiting or stool.

Abdominal pain, which may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

• An altered state of consciousness, which may appear as drowsiness or severe weakness.

If any of these alert signs appear, go immediately to the nearest health service.


Chikungunya treatment is symptomatic of controlling fever and pain. In 98% of cases it is an ambulance.

You can get chikungunya only once from the same genotype of the virus

When infected, antibodies develop that protect against the virus in the long term. Immunity is likely to be lifelong, based on the evidence so far, unless new genotypes of the virus appear in the circulation.

If you have been diagnosed with chikungunya:

• Rest in bed with a mosquito net.

• Drink plenty of water to avoid complications.

• Consume vegetable soups and fruit juices.

• Control fever with towels and a room temperature shower.

• Go to the health service immediately if you notice warning signs.

Measures to prevent chikungunya

It is important to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. Get rid of any abandoned objects that accumulate water.

– Those useless things that cannot be disposed of, such as household appliances, tires or others, should be placed indoors or covered to prevent water from accumulating on them.

– Cover tanks, barrels or any container containing water that will be used so that mosquitoes do not enter.

Keep pools chlorinated taking care not to build up litter inside the registers until the water is drained.

– Change the water in the vases daily to prevent them from multiplying, after cleaning the pot with a brush and soapy water and cleaning the roots and stem. It is equally important to get rid of the water that has accumulated in the planter pot/dishes.

To protect against mosquito bites

– It is recommended to use insect repellent for outdoor activities.

– For indoors, it is recommended to use mosquito nets and metal nets on doors and windows.

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