Paraguay: Chikungunya epidemic has spread throughout the country


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The General Directorate of Health Surveillance, Dr. Guillermo Sequeira, reported this morning that in the past three weeks (weeks 8, 9 and 10), there have been a total of 11,649 cases of chikungunya.

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The epidemiological curve is currently at a plateau, a clear decrease in cases has been observed, however, the epidemic has spread throughout the country. “The cases have decreased slightly in Asuncion and Central, but increased in the interior of the country, and we have a phase of dispersion at the national level, apart from that we have to take into account that people are going less to health centers and have been carried out as a result of a test result less for chikungunya.”

The provinces in which the cases are concentrated are: Central (47%), Asuncion (20%), Alto Paraná (8%), Amambay (4%), Paraguar (4%), Cordillera (3%), Guaira (3%) and Concepción (3%), Itapúa (2%) and Presidente Hayes (2%) among others.

In the center, the epicenter remains San Lorenzo, which in turn affects the entire axis of the capital by becoming a distributor of the disease. “Most of the cases, today, are in San Lorenzo and not only in chikungunya, but also in a few cases of dengue,” explained the chief of health surveillance.

As for the neighborhoods of Asuncion with the highest number of cases, they are still Barrio Obrero, Sagonia, San Pablo, Roberto El Petti and others.

With regard to the age group most affected, there are people between the ages of 20 and 39 years, with a rate of 29%, followed by those 60 years and over with a rate of 22%, with a predominance of females (58%).

A total of 569 confirmed cases were recorded in infants, of which 87 were in neonates 0–29 days old.

To date, there have been 51 confirmed deaths, most of them in children and adults aged 60 and over.

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