Paraguay reports first measles case in decades


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in Follow-up report from September 2022Paraguayan health officials say The report was received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with reference to one of the last samples sent in September 2022, with suspected measles infection in the city of Hohenau. Itapua department. This result was positive for measles.


Given this indisputable laboratory confirmation, the health portfolio will sound an alert and measures will be taken, in addition to those already applied. between them:

Intensifying epidemiological surveillance through active institutional search for cases, tracing contacts and monitoring these cases.

Intensifying the monitoring of “explosive fever diseases” in the institutions of the national health system.

In questionable areas, conduct active community searches, and educate with photos of measles cases.

Raising vaccination coverage in the community and deploying vaccination teams for those who have not received two doses of SRP.

Strengthening operational staff and laboratory capabilities.

Exchange information with the region for joint action, particularly in border areas.

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When the suspicious case was revealed in September, A.J The case was investigated and 40 contacts were detected, but none of them contracted the disease. Attempts have been made to identify the suspected source of the confirmed case, but the probable source has not been disclosed.

The Ministry of Public Health and Welfare noted that this was the first case of measles in the country in 25 years (1998).

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