Patrick Beverley makes bold comment about Russell Westbrook’s new role in the Lakers



The first win of the season set a new tone in the Los Angeles Lakers locker room. Even Patrick Beverly had something to say about teammate Russell Westbrook’s new role on the basketball court.

Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers
© Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesRussell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers

distance Los Angeles Lakers First win of the season, everyone has emotional feelings inside the locker room. Even the technical director Darvin Hamm He got his first water bath with the team. Also, as it always happens after a bad game with the Lakers recently, Russell Westbrook It also caught my attention. But this time it was for the overall good performance in that match

Patrick Beverly, one of his many teammates, whom he watches daily in training, spoke about his latest performance at the Arena. Sunday night Westbrook registered 18 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists Off the bench in 32 minutes against Denver Nuggets.

In fact, after the match Westbrook He stated that he doesn’t let anyone “get out of his circle” to take him out of his joy and his fun when he’s playing basketball. However, this is not the first time this has happened Westbrook Talk about his performance, nor that he was playing Below expectations.

Lakers News: Patrick Beverly praises Russell Westbrook’s new role in the Lakers

In the last episode of Podcast Pat Beef with Ronnieboth are Ron and Patrick Beverly Discuss the Los Angeles Lakers’ first win in 2022-2023 NBA season to me Denver Nuggets At Arena in Los Angeles. Like when the Lakers lose, this time Russell Westbrook Everyone had eyes on him throughout the match. Surprisingly, he did not disappoint this time.

“(He’s) the ultimate professional. It’s not about who starts the game, it’s about who’s going to finish. For him (Westbrook), being with Unit Two (the Lakers seat), that gives him a lot of room, obviously, because they’re so small. It’s him. He’s obviously playing (with) LeBron (James) and A.D. (Anthony Davis), with the players, who have to have the ball, for the teams to succeed.” Talk about Russell Westbrook’s overall performance off the bench in the Lakers’ last two games.

“Coach Hamm and his coaching staff have done a great job communicating everything. They hooked up with Ross (Westbrook). It went like a fight, and Ross just wants to win. Since I got here, he’s been playing around. He’s been hemming in. Last time he got three. Fold off the bench, that was impressive.” Beverly added to the discussion.

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