Patrick Beverley sends unexpected message about the Lakers’ losing start of the season



The Los Angeles Lakers may lose games, but there is a difference when there seems to be no way out of the NBA’s losing streak. In fact, Patrick Beverly has some thoughts on his performance so far.

Patrick Beverly of the Los Angeles Lakers
© Ethan Miller / Getty ImagesPatrick Beverly of the Los Angeles Lakers

In the midst of a crisis Los Angeles Lakers There seems to be no way out of this losing streak. At least no one outside the locker room, because Patrick Beverly He had something to say about the terrible beginning of 2022-2023 NBA season For the NBA Champion franchise 17 times.

distance Los Angeles Lakers lost to Portland Trail BlazersFans were crazy about a hot wave on social media. Then the press responded with many reports based on rumors of possible Trade Russell Westbrook. but with Patrick Beverly, Whoever has their own podcast, there will be no unanswered questions.

Especially when tough times come, just like now or even worse. It looks like Patrick Beverly He’ll be in constant touch on his podcast to say out loud what he thinks about the stream Los Angeles Lakers season.

NBA: Patrick Beverly makes bold statement about Lakers’ losing season start

Only the second episode of Podcast Pat Beef with RonnieThe Patrick Beverly, 34 years old I decided it was okay to start with a joke about the 0-3 record with Los Angeles Lakers. “Ron started, He said “0-3”. Then the Los Angeles Lakers said, “0 what?” “0 and 3,” Ron replied, “It’s okay with me,” Beverly said.

after the introduction, “Obviously, in the last game we know (against the Portland Trail Blazers), we came out short. We got one of the best defenses in the NBA. Once we figured out the offensive side, they diverged, from (the center) where, playing, the players come back. Once To thwart it all, we’ll be fine. I don’t do what it is, the best 3, the best defense in the NBA, I think it’s something to be proud of. Look at the positives.” he added.

“That’s normal, OK. You’re talking about one of Moss’ teams that fought back in the NBA in the league, which doesn’t do well. They have someone to talk about. When you have players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, myself, Ross (Russell Westbrook) ), obviously you have to give a lip here and there. We take it, it comes with the job, and the opposite of that whole thing, it’s going to be fun too. It feels, it’s all part of the process.

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