PCWA files lawsuit against PG&E seeks damages related to Mosquito Fire


‘Large, long-term and costly’ effects

Auburn, CA – Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) sued Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in Placer County Superior Court for damages related to Mosquito fire6 and have burned nearly 77,000 acres across the Tahoe and Eldorado National Forests.

The largest wildfire in california in 2022, is The Mosquito fire destroyed electricity transmission infrastructure and halted power production along the American Middle Fork River project (Middle Fork Project), a dual-purpose water supply and hydropower project owned and operated by PCWA. According to the lawsuit, the final amount of damages sought by the PCWA has not been determined, but the fire caused the PCWA to lose tens of millions of dollars in power sales alone.

Damage recovery

“The work to recover from the mosquito fire will be important, long-term and costly,” said Andy Fico, PCWA General Manager. Our Board of Directors is committed to taking all possible measures to protect the interests of our citizens and the investments they have made in our infrastructure. Filing today is an important step in fulfilling our responsibility to those we serve and ensuring that we are in a position to recover damages related to the mosquito fire as quickly as possible.”

Critical assets are among the largest in California

PCWA’s Middle Fork project is the eighth largest public energy project in California, providing water supplies, hydroelectric power, public recreational opportunities, and environmental benefits in the American River watershed. The power plants are capable of generating up to 1 million megawatt-hours of clean energy annually for California’s grid, and they provide an important supply during California’s record-breaking heat wave in late August and early September. This clean energy supply is also important in the winter months when sources such as solar power are limited.

PCWA Chairman Robert Duggan said, “The PCWA Middle Fork project is a significant asset. In addition to the financial burden of mitigating the effects of the mosquito fires, residents of Placer County ultimately suffer financial losses as connectivity to the Middle Fork project continues to be disrupted.” Therefore, California lacks an important source of clean energy.”

PCWA suit

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