Piers Morgan: Biden’s border denial is ‘all smoke and mirrors’


Fox Nation host Piers Morgan criticized President Biden on Tuesday for how he framed the border crisis when he spoke to the American people in “The five”.

Piers Morgan: This is clearly an emergency in many parts of that border. But Joe Biden, as I previously discussed about the color of the sky, he is a man who does not want you to believe what you see with your own eyes. It is a complete illusion.

Biden’s border chief, Chris Magnus, battles a string of accusations of incompetence, and turmoil

So he says: There is no emergency. Please don’t say there is an emergency. It’s bad for me, even when there is one. He said as you are right He pointed to the Saudis“Don’t cut oil production before mid-term. It could potentially have an impact on gas prices. It might hurt me mid-term.


All this is an illusion. It’s all smoke and mirrors. And in the end, I think the American people, I think they can handle bad news like the British. We are a stoic people, right? Americans and Brits, we can handle bad news if we believe it is honestly given to us.

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