Placer County Democratic Party Endorsements


Democratic Party ratifications 2022

ROSEVILLE, CA – Here are the Placer County Democratic Party endorsements for 2022.

For more information on California’s proposals, local polling procedures, location of dropboxes and local election information, please visit Placer County Elections.

Federal Representatives

U.S. congressAlex Padilla
U.S. CongressDr. Kermit Jones

District offices

Extensive California offices

California State Senate
District 4 – Tim Robertson
District 6 – Paula Veleskas

California Association
District 1 – Bell Star Sandwith
District 3 – David Leon Zink
District 5 – Rebecca Chenoweth

Governor GovernorGavin Newsom
Governor LieutenantEleni Konalakis
Minister of Foreign AffairsDr. Shirley Weber
Attorney GeneralRob Punta
TreasurerFiona what
observerMalia Cohen (Donates)
general education supervisorTony Thurmond (Donates)
Insurance CommissionerRicardo Larra
Equation area board 1 – Jose Altamirano

Local/non-partisan offices

Board of Supervisors of Placer County District 2
Scott Alford

Rocklin US Dollars
Rick Miller
Michelle Sutherland (Donates)
Jane Procover

Roseville City School Board
Renee Aguilera

Auburn Recreation Area and Park District
Nick Messi
Alan Luberstein

Auburn Union School Board of Trustees
Golan Brown

Placer Hills Board of Trustees in US Dollars
Charlie Riley
Jeff Anderson

state proposals

Prop 1: Yes.
He protects the fundamental right to abortion and the fundamental right to use contraceptives by adding these rights directly to the California Constitution.

Pillar 26: Neutral
New types of gambling are allowed

Prop 27: No
Online sports betting is legalized. Out-of-state companies would take 90% of the profits, leaving little to fight homelessness, and directly attack the supremacy of the Native American tribes.

Prop 28: Yes
Provides additional funding for arts and music education in public schools

Prop 29: Yes
Dialysis patients are entitled to protection by law. Proposition 29 will help ensure that they receive
Safe treatment in dialysis clinics under the care of a doctor or other highly trained person
Doctor in emergency, without risk of injury, and without discrimination

Prop 30: Yes
Taxes on annual personal income of more than $2 million to fund wildfire prevention, clean air, and
Climate change programmes.

Prop 31: Yes
Protects children from Big Tobacco by ending the sale of candy-flavored tobacco products,
Including e-cigarettes and mint cigarettes, saving lives and countless hundreds
Millions of taxpayers dollars annually.


GOP Endorsements for Placer County 2022

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