Plague deaths reported in Ambohidratrimo district: Madagascar media


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the Madagascar Tribune Reports (computer translated):

Plague strikes near the capital. Approximately 75 km from Antananarivo in Ambohimiadana, Antsaharatsi, Ambanotocana Municipality, Ambohidratrimo District, three people died on Tuesday after contracting the disease. Three other people were taken to hospital, including a young man who was in critical condition.

Image / Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

The mother of one of the three new victims passed away last week, two days after the funeral of her husband, who died in unfortunate and disturbing health conditions. The mother of the family, although suspected of having the disease, was buried only three days after her death. This brings the number of plague victims in this region to 5.

Officials at the Ministry of Public Health, reached by phone, said they had not been informed of the situation. The Regional Director of Health in Anamanga District has been removed from his position in the Cabinet, regretting that he could not give the slightest information about this situation in Ambanotkana. Current ministry officials say they want to investigate this information.

The symptoms and conditions in which the victims found themselves indicated that they had contracted the plague. Local medical authorities are also not allowed to pass relevant information to the media. However, the principals of the schools located in this village decided to close the schools temporarily as a precautionary measure.

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