Police state doors ‘too small’ for proper escape



The Indonesian police issued a statement regarding the events that took place in Malang Stadium, which claimed the lives of 125 people.

More than 120 people were killed in a stampede at a soccer stadium in Indonesia
© TelevisaMore than 120 people were killed in a stampede at a soccer stadium in Indonesia

Events on Saturday from Malang Stadium It was a horrific scene, one of the worst kind of horrific film, a surreal scene that left 125 spectators dead and a lot of questions in protocol in stadium.

The outcome of Saturday’s events is among the worst mass disasters in the history of sports. The death toll exceeded that of 1996 in Guatemala, where 80 fans died before an attack world Cup A qualifying match and in 2012 in Egypt, where 74 people lost their lives in the derby between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly.

The Associated Press reported on the statement made by the Indonesian police that as a result of the disaster, a police chief and nine elite officers have been expelled while 18 others are under investigation for firing tear gas inside the area. stadium.

Indonesian police report on the Malang stadium massacre

Police spokesman Didi Prasetyo said the stadium gates were locked but could only exit two people at a time, making a mass escape virtually impossible. “As for those six gates, they weren’t locked but they were very small. It could fit two people but hundreds came out. There was a crush there,” Prasetyo said.

According to Prasetyo, the responsibility for poor accommodation for any kind of disaster lies with the organizers. The chaos began when some of the 42,000 fans entered the stadium after the home team’s 3-2 defeat. Things were thrown at the police in the square and the authorities responded.

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