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Welcome! I am writing this newsletter on the plane to my home in Austin after being at Disrupt in San Francisco this week. This was my first IRL upset, and even though I’m a member of the team and knew all the planning and setup behind the scenes, I was still amazed at how incredibly professional and well done I was. About 10,000 people attended, tons of lectures and speakers, engaged audiences and a very exciting Battlefield competition, among other things.

But I’m tired, so be warned, this newsletter might be a little brief. 🙂

I had the honor to start the whole show Equity live audio recording With Alex Wilhelm and Natasha Mascarenhas, as we share some interesting new news about Domm Holland, co-founder of the now-defunct Fast Checkout, in a click. We had an absolute blast recording in person rather than looking at each other on Zoom. Thanks to all who showed up so early that morning!

Then on Wednesday, I moderated a session called “How to Compete Without Losing Your Mind and Track of Show”. Ramp CEO Eric Glyman and Airbase founder Thejo Kote were good esports and joined forces with the wonderful Ruth Foxe Blader of Anthemis to talk about competing in this current environment. Despite being rivals in the area of ​​spending management, Eric and Thikho kept it cool and no fights broke out on stage. Meanwhile, Ruth shared some thoughts on the investor’s part. I’ll have a story in more detail about what they discussed which will be published sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Also on Wednesday, I moderated a live chat with Brex co-CEO and co-founder Henrique Dubugras and Managing Director of Continuity YC (and Senior Investor in Brex) Anu Hariharan. It was a standing room only, and Dubograss spoke candidly about a number of topics like how much the company spent on that billboard campaign, what really led to its decision to stop working with SMEs and the lessons learned after that decision caused quite a bit of anxiety. An uproar in the startup community. He also revealed some new customers for the company’s software product Empower: Coinbase, SeatGeek, SuperHuman, ScaleAi, and Medical Genomics. Once again, I will write a story in more detail about what we discussed which will be published sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, on Thursday, I interviewed Rippling CEO and co-founder Parker Conrad. He discussed what he described as the “biggest launch” of his career – the company’s new global payroll product, which he’s not shy about saying will compete directly with the likes of Deel. You can read more about it over here. He also discussed some of the points from his experience at Zenefits, saying he takes compliance “very seriously” at his new company. Rippling’s move into the payroll space comes about a month after it announced an expansion in spend management, which puts it in direct competition with the likes of Brex, Ramp, Airbase, TripActions, and many other companies in the field.

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Weekly news

As Nick Milanovic of Fintech Fund (who also spoke at Disrupt about the community) pointed out in This Tweet“The @manoushe The team has been busy this past week:

  • Faster digital setup
  • More fraud controls
  • Privacy Controls Group
  • Crypto wallet on board

Meanwhile, the payments infrastructure provider Phoenix revealed in another way Go head to head with Stripe. in Blog postThe startup said: “Finix is ​​expanding further Its own personal payment offering, rolling out more SDKs and APIs to pair it with a range of point-of-sale payment terminals from many manufacturers. The best part? Only one integration is required.

As reported by TC Catherine Shu: Cross-border Payments start thuns share with visa In a move that will add more than 1.5 billion new endpoints to Visa DirectDigital Payments Network. This allows many consumers and small businesses to send money to markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, where digital wallets are often the default payment methods.

Fellow fintech enthusiast and newsletter writer Marcel van Ost is launching a new fintech community. You can learn more over here.

finally, Cardless and Simon® Launch Premium Retail Credit Card on American Express Network.

Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions

Landis acquires $40 million to turn tenants into homeowners

Empowering Land with $94 Million to Help B2B Companies Manage Their Rebates Programs

Achieve aims to drive the transformation of digital personal finance with $225 million in new debt capital

The ledger raised $6.6 million in seed funding

Buy Mexican Now, Pay Later App Nelo Lands $100 Million Credit Limit

Capital on Tap secures $110 million credit facility to build central financial center

Well, I had a great time at Disrupt meeting my wonderful colleagues (we genuinely respect and love each other!) and many of you. Already looking forward to next year. Oh, and to let you know I’ll be out all next week, I’m taking a much-needed break, so you won’t get the exchange in your inbox on October 30th. But I will be back next week! That’s it for this week. See you again in two weeks until then, take good care. – xoxoxo, Mary Ann

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