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Aaron Judge will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. So, will he stay with the New York Yankees?

Aaron Judge
© Sarah Steer/Getty ImagesAaron Judge

Aaron Judge has one of The best seasons in Major League Baseball Date. He got into a huge pay day into his next contract after turning down a very lucrative deal with Yankee team in New York.

judge joined The club of 60 houses In the post-doping era, which seemed almost impossible. He could also win the Quadruple Crown after leading the league in average, running scored, RBIs, and home runs.

So, the Yankees will pay the price if they want to keep him on board. But what if other teams continue in the off-season? any difference can realistically Make him run? Let’s break it down.

MLB Rumors: Aaron Judge . Possible Landing Points

Los Angeles Dodgers

You can never count Los Angeles Dodgers Outside when there’s a star ready to catch it. They were in the mix to trade for him Juan Sotoso they can turn their attention to the Yankees star instead.

Obviously, money will never be an issue for the dodgers. They have the most stacked lineup in the Majors and not even soon, so adding a Judge will only ensure At least a few episodes in the next five years.

New York Mets

Well, the judge has said time and time again that he wants to stay in New York for life, but he can do that while leaving the Yankees. I mean, Steve Cohen He’s been willing to spend a lot of money since taking over the team.

Watch the judge’s play New York Mets It would certainly be a strange sight, but that is far from impossible. They already paid a way to get Max ScherzerSo there’s no reason to believe they’ll never break the bank again.

New York Yankees

Although they failed to reach an agreement on the extension, the judge and New York Yankees You are more likely to find things out in the off-season. I mean, Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner He simply cannot afford to lose his shady player.

Historically, the Yankees have produced nothing but the best players on earth, and no player has been better than Judge this season. Bet on himself before the season starts, aAnd this bet is about to pay off.

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