Potential destinations for Chase Claypool



Although the Pittsburgh Steelers claim they won’t trade Chase Claypool, some in the league believe he will be on the move.

Claypool chase
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The Pittsburgh Steelers proud of one of Most disappointing crime in National Football League. It’s been like that since the last extension of Ben Roethlisberger Career, and did not change even after his retirement.

So though Claypool chase He fails to live up to the hype, there is still a chance that he will turn out to be the dominant, physically imposing on the scale some expect. He was restricted due to QB’s poor play and his own personality issues.

Claypool has pulled off mixed points throughout his brief NFL career, but the physical traits are there. His contract runs until the 2023 season, though Steelers He pretends he’s not going anywhere, George Pickensdash and Deontay Johnson The extension can make it consumable.

NFL rumors: 3 potential landing points to chase Claypool

3. The Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams She has a large number of weapons, but Matthew Stafford Develop chemistry only with cooper cup. Van Jefferson still hurts Allen Robinson Very much disappointed.

The Rams have shown no hesitation in making big moves and letting go of draft shots in the past. They added Odell Beckham Jr. In the middle of last season, so they can try to replicate that formula this season.

2. New York Giants

The New York Giants Season could start 7-1. Brian Double The heart of this team, and although their defense deserves most of the credit, Daniel Jones He is also having the best year of his career.

But the G-Men lacks any kind of threat in the passing game, either due to incompetence or injuries. I will be Barclay You carry the burden all year, but are vulnerable to injury, and one-dimensional offenses won’t get you far in the playoffs.

1. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers They are most suitable for Claypool or any large location. They have an unproven receiving squad, full of inexperienced players who may not be ready for the next year or so.

Aaron Rodgers He’s clearly frustrated, and players have dropped three games in a row. Claypool no Davant Adams, But he is a physical specimen who could benefit from playing for one of the greatest gunslingers in NFL history.

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