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After the end of the first season of House of the Dragons, fans are eager to know what happens next on the show. Here, check out what we know so far about Season 2, including a possible release date and more.

Emma Darcy as Rhinera Targaryen
© Twitter: @houseofdragonEmma Darcy as Rhinera Targaryen

After ten episodes, the first season of Dragon HouseAnd the The Game of Thrones spin-off ended with a major death and the official start of ‘Dance of Dragons’, the civil war that would determine who would beKing Viserys I Back, which will be explored in the second season.

The movie House of the Dragon has premiered “Biggest audience for any new original series in HBO history,” According to the network, which immediately made the renovation the logical step to take. Offer based on Fire and Blood series By George R. R. Martin, it shows what happened 200 years before the events of GOT.

But after the first season it was somewhat of a prequel, as all the Personalities And their motivations, fans are eager to watch the real war begin. Check out here everything we know about the second season of House of the Dragon, such as the cast, release date and plans.

The plot of House of the Dragon season two: what will happen?

Fans of the book are aware of what will happen to the lions and greens. Here, without spoilers, let’s explore what’s coming, according to series co-founder Ryan Condal. “The first season was a mode Table for a bloody feast is coming“he told Entertainment Weekly after the season finale.

“I’m really interested in getting to know all those characters that we’ve spent all this time introducing, Especially the families of Rhaenyra and Alicent, And see what happens now that we’ve turned the chessboard and dropped the pieces on the floor,” he added.

He also said that Season 2 will introduce more characters from other families (maybe Starks), however, don’t expect the focus to shift from the Rhanyra and Alicent families. We will not suddenly shy away from telling their stories. It is just the nature of this thing; In the second season, It really opens up the world quite a bit and the sprawl grows a little bit.”

When will the second season of House of Dragon be released?

Ryan Condall told Variety after the end of season one that Filming for the second season will begin in early 2023. There are reports that this could be April. However, Condall told the outlet that the season’s premiere next year “will be decided.” Expect a date in the late summer or fall of 2024 for Season 2.

House of Dragons: Who will return in season two?

as a star Matt Smith Explained in an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast that talks about Episode 6, 10 Years Leap, “Once we make the jump, we’re in. I’m pretty sure by then that there haven’t been any big jumps in time, especially next season and the season after.” So, we expect the same actors, including Emma Darcy And the olivia cook, For the upcoming season but new characters will be introduced, including the Starks.

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