Proposed Roseville Industrial Park raises concerns from residents


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIR) project cites ‘significant and inevitable’ impacts

Roseville, California – Panatoni Development Company, a large, privately owned real estate development company seeking to develop an industrial estate on 241 acres of city-owned property on Phillip Road. The project is expected to include 15 buildings spread over approximately 2.5 million square feet. The industrial park is also expected to create fewer than 2,000 construction jobs.

A website has been launched for residents to participate due to “significant and unavoidable” impacts, as stated in the draft environmental impact report in

growth area

Roseville’s western edge has seen exponential growth in suburban expansion over the past few years. More than 6,000 new residents flocked to this part of Roseville during the pandemic, according to another Roseville State of the City Title. Growth continues in this part of the city to this day.

Against immigration trends, this part of California remains an attractive location for residential and commercial business growth. The relative affordability of housing, an educated and diverse workforce, low crime, great weather, and a central location continue to attract new residents from California, the United States, and abroad.

West Roseville Blue Oaks near Westbrook
neighborhoods toward the western edge of Roseville

EIR project

The draft Environmental Impact Rate states that some impacts can be reduced through mitigation while others are “significant and unavoidable”. Project alternatives range from modified development to no development at all. The following are the important and unavoidable effects as mentioned.

Effects: “significant and unavoidable”

transportation and circulation

Vehicle miles driven for each class of service (project and cumulative); inconsistency with approved policies, plans or programs with respect to pedestrian facilities (project); and conflict with approved policies, plans or programs in connection with transportation facilities (project)

air quality

construction emissions (cumulative); long-term operational emissions (cumulative); and toxic air pollutants (cumulative)

Greenhouse gas emissions and climate change

Generating greenhouse gas emissions, either directly or indirectly, which may have a significant impact on the environment (legal and cumulative); and conflict with an applicable plan, policy or regulation adopted for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (project and cumulative)

Noise and vibration

Exposing current sensitive receivers to excessive traffic noise levels (Draft); Stationery and transportation (cumulative)


Visual Personality and Quality (cumulative); Light and Glow (cumulative)

Protect the quality of life

Growth in any area regularly brings prosperity and new challenges. Jobs, housing, businesses, and more revenue for city coffers help spur growth and opportunity, while increased traffic, pollution, and noise can change residents’ quality of life.

Residents can share their views with the City of Roseville by the March 20 deadline below. To learn more about the interests of this project, visit

Make your voice heard

Written comments (including via email) for the accuracy and completeness of a draft EIR that can be submitted to the City and must be received by 5:00 p.m. on March 20, 2023. Written comments should be directed to: Shelby Maples, Associate Planner, City of Roseville Development Services – Planning, 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678; or by e-mail to [email protected].

EIR project

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