Queen Consort Camilla Has Private “Escape” Home


Now that Prince Charles has passed King Charleshis wife Camila She found herself an offer to become the Queen of England. Apparently she and Charles have given up their simple lives at Clarence House and Moving to Buckingham Palace. but! Camila has no intention of staying there full time, and she will keep it A personal house on the side called Ray Mill House.

telegraph Reports indicate that Camilla has already spent time at Ray Mill House since the Queen’s death and will not sell it. Instead, it will keep the privately owned home as an “escape from royal life.”

Camilla bought the six-bedroom home after divorcing her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, and it’s not far from the King’s private residence. Highgrove—Although Prince William technically owns Hagrove now as the Duke of Cornwall and His dad should pay him rent, lol.

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“If you think Highgrove is King’s most comfortable residence, even there you’re always surrounded by a team of special staff including a chef, butler and police around every corner, so there’s no real private time,” a friend from Camilla tells the outlet. “The King has grown up with that all his life, so it’s not a burden for him to live in this observed world, but the Queen Consort has spent most of her life as a private citizen – so she understands what it means to shut your front door and have a place for yourself. Ray Mill is literally the only place she can Metaphorically taking off her shoes and spending time with family and friends in a really casual environment. It’s an escape from royal life that we’ll cherish even more now.”

Meanwhile, the royal staff ‘privately accept’ that there are ‘practical reasons’ for Camilla to keep the house – namely if she outlives Charles, she has a place to live and can move the property into her home children.

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