Real Madrid star to retire from international soccer after the World Cup


Qatar 2022

Qatar 2022 will mark the end of an era for many stars who already know they will play in the FIFA World Cup Finals. Recently, a Real Madrid star confirmed his retirement from international football after the tournament.

The Real Madrid star retires from international football after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
© Cliff Brunskill / Getty ImagesThe Real Madrid star retires from international football after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Father Time stalks all of us, and football players are no exception. There comes a time when a footballer knows retirement is coming, and for many, Qatar 2022 will be the final world Cup in their professional life.

This makes the upcoming tournament even more special for the football community, as we may see many of the players we admired when we were younger doing their last dance in Qatar. Lionel MessiFor example, he does not imagine himself playing 2026.

Cristiano RonaldoMeanwhile, he revealed his desire to play at least in the upcoming European Championship with Portugal, but he may not play in the 2026 World Cup either. Others already know that international football will end for them after Qatar, including A Real Madrid star.

Real Madrid star Luka Modric has admitted that Qatar 2022 will be his World Cup finals

“I realize that I am of a certain age and that this is my last competition for the Croatian national team,” Luka Modric Tell FIFA + On Qatar being the last World Cup final of his career, as quoted by ESPN FC.

Modric He will be 40 years old By the time of the World Cup 2026. So, it makes sense that he calls it a career (at least internationally) after playing in the World Cup in 37. It’s sad, but every player goes through it sooner or later.

While he had an impressive career at club level (particularly with Real Madrid), Modric’s international career was highlighted CroatiaAn unexpected trip to the World Cup final in Russia 2018. lost his team Francebut Modric still had a tournament to remember as he ended up winning the The golden ball that year.

Will he lead Croatia to the World Cup final again before they are suspended? using this Qatar 2022 World Cup Simulationyou can see all the possible outcomes of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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