Real Madrid’s legend severely judges the Ballon d’Or after injustice towards Thibaut Courtois



Thibaut Courtois was named goalkeeper of the year last year, but this decision did not please everyone. A Real Madrid legend has severely ruled the Ballon d’Or after being unfair to the Belgian player.

Thibaut Courtois - Real Madrid - La Liga 2022
© Angel Martinez / Getty ImagesThibaut Courtois – Real Madrid – La Liga 2022

It is not surprising that Thibaut Courtois He was named the best goalkeeper last year. Unfortunately, it is not properly granted according to Real Madrid legendwho says that there is some injustice towards Belgian player in Ballon d’Or party.

Thibaut Courtois It’s been a great year with Real Madrid. It was an essential piece for Merengues to win the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League And more titles with the Spanish national team, so he was recognized as the best one in his position these days.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a goalkeeper to become the best player in the world. Midfielders and attackers always get all the praiseBut now the former Real Madrid legend has defended Belgian For what he did to his club by saying that it was not fair how they dealt with Courtois in Ballon d’Or party.

Iker Casillas ascends to Thibaut Courtois after he was not in the final list of the Ballon d’Or

If someone knows what he’s talking about regarding the goalkeeper’s position Iker Casillasmore if for the sake of Real Madrid. The former Spanish player won it all with Merengues And now the same thing happens with Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgian goalkeeper was very important to him Real Madrid last season. In the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League The final against Liverpool, he made some epic saves that gave the Spanish team a chance Fourteenth title in this competition.

This gave him the opportunity to compete for Lev Yashin Cupwho gives through Ballon d’Or party Best goalkeeper of the season. naturally won itBut Iker Casillas wanted more.

after, after Karim Benzema had won 2022 Golden BallCasillas came up Courtois. The Spanish goalkeeper said he was not happy with the idea of ​​the Belgian player not being in The final list of three players as the best player at present.

“I am so happy for Thibaut Courtois!” Iker Casillas said via his official Twitter account. “By far, the best goalkeeper in the world. What I’m not happy with is that he wasn’t on the final podium for the Ballon d’Or.”

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