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Tom Clancy’s famous Jack Ryan, starring John Krasinski, is back after 3 years of waiting but it looks like it was worth it. Here, check out when the new episodes will be released, who the cast is and what the plot will be.

John Krasinski in Jack Ryan.
© IMDbJohn Krasinski in Jack Ryan.

Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Back after waiting three years! The imagination for the first time in Amazon Prime Video During 2018 it was renewed shortly after for a second season which was successful. It has been several years since the announcement of new season And it looks like it won’t be the end either, as it was announced that a fourth is on the way.

In the second season we saw how a CIA analyst took on a global mission across the United States and many other countries to decipher the president’s true intentions. He ends up going to South America to continue his investigation after tracking down a suspicious shipment in the Venezuelan jungle.

It is estimated that series It took a long time to get new episodes out due to some creative tweaks and also to get a new director. Fawn Willmott, in charge of Star Trek: Discovery, took the lead on the project and everything is on track. The future looks bright for fans of Agent Ryan.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: Who are the actors of season 3?

John Krasinski He’s back in his classic Jack Ryan role and will join him Wendell Pierce like James Greer, Michael Kelly Like Mike November, Nina El Hoss as Alina Kovac and Betty Gabriel Like Elizabeth Wright. There are many new signings for this season, some like Michael Peñawhich will only appear in the last episode.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: What will season 3 be like?

The synopsis states, “In the third season of the action-thriller series, Jack Ryan acts as a CIA affair An officer in Rome when he is informed Sokol project, a secret plan to restore the Soviet empire, has been revived for more than 50 years, after it was believed to be closed. jack embarks on a mission To confirm intelligence, but soon things go wrong and he is mistakenly involved in a bigger conspiracy“.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: When are the new episodes released?

New episodes of Jack Ryan will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on December 21Just in time for the big Christmas marathon. The previous two seasons are available to stream on Amazon.

With the fourth season of Krasinski already confirmed, it is known that it will not be the end, so we still have to wait to get to the end of the story of the action character that has captivated audiences since 2018.

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