Release date, cast, plot of the new horror series from the creators of Dark


Netflix and makers dark It proved to be a great combination. The series has taken over multiple generations over time and it was all the rage, so they decided to take the game to the next level. 1899 is new horror production Expected this year, it was created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

The project aims to become a new obsession for the platform, with the European migration crisis and Brexit in mind. And it looks like it won’t be long before we see it added to the catalog. Filming began on May 3 last year, three months later than originally planned, and took place (mostly) in Germany.

Filled with suspense, crime, sin, drama and horror, it seems that the new series will compete for the position of Most viewed on streaming servicecompeting with such major titles as hypnoticAnd the Weird things And much more. The first teaser was released at TUDUM, an event organized to celebrate loyal users.

1899: Who are the cast?

The cast of the new series has a great and amazing cast, especially for Spanish audiences, as one of the main characters will be an actor known for his work in youth productions. elite. We are talking about Miguel Bernardo. In addition, we will also see Aneurin Barnard From Dunkirk And the Emily Beecham.

On the other hand, the main cast is large and each episode will have a different focus, so several actors will take the lead in some scenes. Ben Ashinden, Andreas Beechmann, Maciej Mosic, Anton Lesser, Lucas Lingard Tonsen, Rosalie Craig, Clara Rosager, Maria Ehrwalter, Martin Grace Rosenthal, Jan Gayle, Mathilde Olivier, Jose Pimentao, Isabella Wei, Gabe Wong, Jonas Edwards and Alexander Willem blame some of them .

1899: What is the theme of the series?

The official summary stated:Multinational migrants traveling from the Old Continent to the New Continent face a terrifying mystery aboard a second ship adrift at sea.“.

Basically, the series tells the story of a group of immigrants who leave London on a steamboat to start a new life in New York. Everything seems to be going smoothly until they find another similar ship floating at sea, when the trip turns into a nightmare.

output It will contain 8 episodes of approximately 1 hour duration And if we add the great cast, it seems that we will have to be very attentive to the plot so as not to miss any details. But this is not surprising, after seeing how the audience reached Dark. Get ready, it’s time to start another adventure.

1899: When will it be released?

1899 will be added to the Netflix catalog on November 17So, Dark fans won’t have to wait long to watch the new series. The first pilot episode will be called the ship And the series It will contain a total of 8 episodes lasting 60 minutes. New episodes are expected to be released every week, which is the format most platforms have used recently.

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