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Talk about the star lineup: Kill Eve‘s Jodi Comer And the Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch Both are in top roles in the upcoming New Apocalypse movie The end where we start. Based on Megan Hunter’s book of the same name, the story is being adapted for the big screen by Alice Birch, known for her work on Ordinary people And the Succession.

The director’s debut from Mahalia Belo chimes with current concerns about climate change and increasingly urgent calls for action before it is too late for the planet. as manager put it: The film “is in tune with the climate crisis we are going through right now. It takes an honest look at the nature of the hero, someone who is forced to be brave and who sometimes can’t.”

Here’s everything we know so far about the movie.

The end where we start plot

The end where we start It is a quote from Megan Hunter’s first novel of 2018. Incidentally, Hunter is the sister-in-law of Benedict Cumberbatch, and the actor snatched the film rights to the book in 2017. The end where we start It’s an amazing story about motherhood.” Cumberbatch said at the time. “Meghan created an amazing and frightening true story about a family struggling to survive that will have everyone stop and think about what kind of planet we are leaving behind for our children. We are so excited to bring this story to life.”

“In the midst of a mysterious environmental crisis, as London sinks under flood waters, a woman gives birth to her first child, Z,” says the novel’s publicist. Days later, the family was forced to leave their home in search of safety. As they move from place to place, from shelter to shelter, their journey traces both fear and wonder as little Z grasps at the things he sees, growing and stretching, thriving and convincing against all odds.”

The end where we start spit

new win BAFTA Leading Actress earlier this year, Kill Eve Actress Jodie Comer leads the lineup for the new dystopian movie. You will play a mother whose life is thrown into chaos by the devastating effects of climate change. In the novel, Comer’s character is the narrator and is not named. “As a woman and her newborn try to find their way home, the profound grandmother of motherhood is heavily emphasized in this dystopian depiction of family survival and hope,” the official summary reads.

coming has been described The character as an “ordinary and extraordinary” woman. “Her very personal life and the world around her have been turned upside down, and she deals with the unknown at every turn,” she said. “Her story is about quiet heroics in determination, sincerity, courage and love.”

Comer is joined by the Academy Award-nominated actor and Sherlock alum Benedict Cumberbatch; The pair will also carry out the production of the film. Elsewhere, Jenna McKee (Policeman, my duty line(Joel Fry)Game of thrones), Mark Strong (1917, the game of imitation), Catherine Waterston (Fantastic monstersand Nina SosaniaIts dark matter) will all appear, with full cast roles still being announced.

The end where we start release day

Production of the film began in central London last month, with Comer It is said that the recruitment One of Cumberbatch’s trusted bodyguards after an undisclosed “situation” occurred on the set. The project is a joint effort of Cumberbatch production company SunnyMarch, BBC Film, Hera Pictures and Anton. Release is not expected until at least 2023.

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