Republicans, media ‘gaslight’ women claiming inflation more important than abortion, MSNBC’s Joy Reid claims


MSNBC’s Joy Reed accused Republicans Thursday of highlighting female voters by driving inflation and Economics on abortion for the midterm elections.

The “Reid Out” presenter reviewed a segment in which she referred to Republican candidates focused on inflation and the economy as an “attempt to light the gas” for female voters.

“The Republican effort to shine a light on female voters. You don’t really care about abortion. All you care about is inflation. You have to feed your husband and your kids, we’ll make you enjoy, right, girls? Rights is an economic issue,” Reid said.

She said “belt media” such as CNN and Reuters are also guilty of promoting this “narrative”.

MSNBC’s Joy Reed accused Republicans of “gassing” voters about abortion.


“Now we’re less than three weeks away from the midterm elections, and at the last stage, I noticed, and I don’t know if, frankly, you’ve noticed this gaslighting of female voters. This message that says, ‘Don’t care about your right to control your body, my dears,’ It’s the economy, you idiot. Republicans definitely want you to think about it, and the Beltway media is helping push this narrative with headlines touting recent polls, some with small sample sizes, suggesting that Republicans are surging the red wave is back,” Reid said. We can go back to the pre-Dobbs novel because economics is the most important issue.”

She continued to emphasize while speaking with her guest Democratic candidate for the North Carolina Senate, Sherry Beasley.

A recent New York Times poll showed that independent women voters are heavily Republican in favor of economics.

A recent New York Times poll showed that independent women voters are heavily Republican in favor of economics.
(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

“I’m upset at this point because you have a media narrative that says women don’t really care about abortion. Women don’t really mind if states control their bodies. They only care about the price of milk. Is that? What are you experiencing when you talk to women all over the Carolinas? North?” said Reed.

“No, women care about freedom,” Paisley replied. They are angry and very afraid of what they see in this national narrative.”

Stacy Abrams Suggests An Abortion As A Solution To Inflation: “The Economic Realities Of Having A Baby”

New York Times/Siena College Poll Released earlier this week, independent female voters largely aligned with Republicans showed a massive variance compared to September. The Times wrote that this proves that the economy is a “more effective political issue in 2022 than abortion,” even among Democratic voters.

Stacy Abrams Joins MSNBC "morning atmosphere" Wednesday.

Stacy Abrams joins “Morning Joe” on MSNBC on Wednesday.
(Screenshot / MSNBC / MorningJoe)

Georgia Democratic State candidate Stacy Abrams also disputed this claim That women are more concerned about inflation than about abortion. She said abortion could actually be used to solve inflation problems.


“But let’s be clear. Having children is why you worry about your gas price, and that’s why you worry about the cost of food. For women, that’s not a reductionist issue. You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy out of the economic realities of having a child. It’s — it’s important for us to have conversations ‘alike.’ We don’t have the luxury of downgrading or separating them,” Abrams said.

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