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Meets repeata French start-up that is developing a mobile app for iOS And the Android At the intersection of education and social. In many ways, Revyze looks exactly like TikTok. But it places special emphasis on educational content for teenagers.

“We talked to kids in 30 or 35 different high schools,” co-founder Florent Siberas told me. “We asked them: ‘What do you think of school and what is the best way to learn? “And they told us that no one asked them these questions.”

In hindsight, the answer was simple and obvious. They said they would rather learn from their friends than from their teachers. “They said ‘because they speak like us and they are like us,'” said Skippers.

This is probably the reason behind the popularity of educational videos on YouTube and TikTok – the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok is very popular for example.

But there is a problem with mainstream social platforms. It is not specifically designed for education. If you watched an interesting video on TikTok, the social app might recommend something completely different when you move on to the next video. You end up jumping from math to dancing cat and physics to magic tricks…

Revyze aims to be TikTok for education – a community-supported app with a heavy focus on secondary education. Basically, Revyze wants to separate educational videos from TikTok – a very large social platform – so that they get the attention they deserve.

At first, the Revyze team focused on the French Baccalaureate, the exam you have to pass at the end of high school. They built a quick version of the app, and gathered the Discord community to spread the word and share some videos on TikTok and Instagram.

In just a few weeks, Revyze managed to attract 35,000 downloads. They reached the second position in the Best Free Apps for the App Store – just behind Doctolib.

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This summer, Revyze raised $2 million pre-incorporation (€2 million) from more than a hundred business owners, such as Nate Blecharczyk, Jean-Charles Samuelian, Charles Gorintin, Mathilde Collin, Lenny Rachitzky and Thomas France, and Julia Bijaoui, Roxanne Varza, Arion (Jacques Attali Fund), Olivier Dacour, Varsha Rau and others. Firstminute Capital, Kima Ventures, AirAngels, Nomad Capital and Ligature VC have also invested.

Now, the company wants to turn this small experience into a huge social/educational app. “Our goal is to reach 500,000 users by the end of the year and expand to the US within 6 to 12 months,” co-founder Guillaume Perrot tells me.

Building the community behind the app

So how does Revyze feel? When you open the app, you get a TikTok-like video feed. These videos fill the entire screen and you can move on to the next video with a simple swipe action. There is a three minute limit on the length of the video.

In the second tab, you can explore the video library more thoroughly. You can select a subject, such as mathematics or literature, and even select a class in the syllabus. Revyze started with French high school students in their last year and is gradually expanding to other classes.

And because we’re talking about educational content, Revyze pays close attention to the videos that are uploaded to the app. When a user submits a video, it is not immediately displayed on the platform.

“The videos are validated by us and the community,” Perrot said. “We want to make sure that it is high quality, accurate content and that it is not off topic. Eventually there will be a peer moderation system and then we will add a little bit of machine learning.”

What do you get when you post on Revyze? Warm foggy feeling. In a more technical term, you can collect bonus points just like in Stack Overflow. These bonus points are called EDU. You get 20 points when you post a video, and you get 1 point when someone thanks you for the video.

Some teens post videos because explaining the concept is the best way to make sure they understand it well. Others want to climb the leaderboards.

In the long run, if web3 is more than just a fad, Revyze can also convert EDU into currency to reward the community for their contributions. But this is not the next component of the roadmap.

After that, Revyze will expand to more countries and more education systems. There are also plenty of opportunities when it comes to customizing the app for each user.

Refinement plans to algorithmically sort videos relevant to your level and way of learning – an algorithm that focuses on learning outcomes rather than watch time. This way, users have to waste less time skipping videos to find relevant content.

“We are not a social network,” Skippers said. “Our goal is for you to spend as little time as possible on the app to learn as much as possible.”

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