Ricky Martin’s nephew drops allegations of sexual relationship, judge ends temporary restraining order


A judge decided on Thursday not to extend the temporary with each other His nephew put him against Ricky Martin this month after his relative dropped the case.

In a hypothetical court hearing, the nephew “voluntarily declined” to go ahead and said he no longer needed the protection order, a court spokesperson told NBC News.

The order, which was due to expire Thursday, was granted on July 1 under Puerto Rico’s Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Act, also known as Law 54, after his nephew claimed he had a seven-year romance with Martin. months and now”concerns for his safety,” to me Documents Obtained by Telemcancel download and shared with NBC News.

The judge made the decision after a court hearing that was not open to the public or the press because cases brought under Law 54 are considered civil and confidential to protect the identity of the person making the allegations.

Martin and his nephew nearly attended the hearing, according to a court spokesperson.

Martin’s lawyer For NBC News on Wednesday That the singer was willing to “address the judge directly at the hearing” and deny having any emotional or sexual relationship with his nephew.

The lawyer said Martin was about to contest the accusations that he stalked and harassed his nephew.

In the protection order filed this month, Martin’s nephew is also accused of repeatedly calling him and “lounging around his house on at least 3 occasions” after they “split up two months ago”.

One of Martin’s attorneys, Marty Singer, previously said that “the person who made this allegation suffers from profound mental health challenges. Of course, Ricky Martin has never – and never will – engage in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.”

In a Facebook Live this month, Eric Martin, one of the singer’s half-brothers, said the allegations were made by a nephew with “mental health issues”.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, Puerto Rico police said a man filed a complaint stating that he received two frightening phone calls on Tuesday night.

While the police have named the person who filed the complaint, Martin’s nephew, NBC News does not usually identify victims of alleged domestic violence.

The police statement said the man told police that he answered a phone call from a Canadian area code at 9:05 p.m. and heard a man’s voice “threatening him with death if he spoke at the hearing.” A minute later, he received another phone call from a New York number in which a man mentioned the name of the street where he lived.

Both numbers appear to be offline as of Wednesday evening.

Joaquin Monserrat Matenzo, who is part of Martin’s legal team in Puerto Rico, said: Live interview with Telemundo Puerto Rico The artist was on the verge of losing some business contracts due to the allegations.

Monserrat Matenzo also added that Martin’s family is saddened by the allegations between relatives.

“As we expected, the court did not extend the temporary protection order,” Martin’s lawyers said. a permit Thursday following the hearing. He added, “The accused assured the court that his decision to reject the case was alone without any external influence or pressure, and the accused confirmed that he was satisfied with his legal representation in the matter.”

“This was nothing more than a disturbed individual making false allegations with absolutely nothing to back them up,” they added. “We are delighted that our client saw justice served and can now move on with his life and career.”

Martin is currently in California preparing to performance in Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in Hollywood theater Friday and Saturday, According to his representatives.

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