Rio de Janeiro records first death from dengue in the state in 2023


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The State Department of Health (SES-RJ) and the Campos dos Goytacazes Department of Health reported that they recorded the first dengue death in the state in 2023.

State of Rio de Janeiro / CDC

The 84-year-old patient was admitted to Dos Planters Hospital on January 18 with characteristic symptoms of the disease, and died on January 21. The cause was confirmed on February 3 by a laboratory examination conducted by LACEN-RJ and the joint investigation was carried out. by technical teams.

After a virtual meeting with the Minister of Health in Campos on 01/25, the technical team of the Undersecretary for Monitoring and Primary Health Care of the SES-RJ in the municipality on 01/26 met him and his team. Containment measures put in place in contingency plans have been outlined as an increase in dengue cases was found in the city in the first weeks of January compared to the same period in 2022.

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SES-RJ has issued items that make up the hydration center at the Dengue and Post-Covid Reference Center Jayme Tinoco Netto, such as armchairs, saline and some medicines, to enhance service in the unit.

Actions to control Aedes aegypti and population mobilization by the Endemic Disease Control Agents team have been intensified in the neighborhoods with the highest number of cases and where death has occurred, with the aim of eliminating mosquito breeding sites.

SMS de Campos reports that, on the ninth day, an integrated action will be implemented in Travessão, with multiple secretariats, to sweep away mosquito infestations and direct the population through the municipal campaign “Dengue Aqui Não”. During the work, information pamphlets will be distributed, unusable items will be collected from the property, grounds and public roads will be cleared, as well as potential breeding sites that cannot be eliminated.

SES-RJ and the Campos Health Secretariat emphasize that they continue to monitor the situation and act preventively, to prevent an epidemic from breaking out in the city, and call on the population to cooperate in the fight against the mosquitoes that transmit dengue, chikungunya and the Zika virus. – A thorough examination for a week in their homes to eliminate breeding grounds.

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