RNC has launched 73 election lawsuits in 20 states: ‘Most litigious’ election cycle


The Republican National Committee The (RNC) launched 73 lawsuits over election integrity issues in 20 states during the 2022 midterm election cycle, an increase from 2020 that already racked up GOP victories in battlefield states this year.

The Scope of legal challenges It extends from the rights of poll observers to observe the vote count to the illegal counting of absentee ballots that have not been marked.

This aggressive legal approach is an attempt to meet RNC President Rona McDaniel’s vision of making this the “most litigation-inducing” course, according to an RNC spokesperson. The strategy includes criminal-minded lawsuits, such as suing Democratic secretaries of state and challenging Democratic-friendly election laws, and defensive actions that include interfering with lawsuits brought by the Biden administration in Republican states.

The strategy comes two years after a cycle that left some Republicans wanting to do more to rein in the state’s election activities, and the results of the presidential election that prompted former President Trump to file dozens of lawsuits. One GOP group welcomed the decision to take tough legal steps to ensure states are not allowed to expand their electoral bases beyond what is in state law.

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Republican National Convention President Rona McDaniel
(Republican National Committee)

“Following the shortcomings of recent elections, a proactive and preventive legal strategy is critical to the election integrity that voters deserve in 2022, 2024 and beyond,” Michael Bars, executive director of the Election Transparency Initiative, told Fox News Digital. He added that “great strides” had been made over the past two years “to restore voter confidence in fair and secure elections.”

The lawsuits were the result of “a multimillion-dollar investment in building an election integrity operations infrastructure that relies on its legal, policy, data and communications resources,” according to RNC spokesperson Gates McJavick.

In Vermont and New York, for example, the Federal National Council sued to repeal voting laws that would have allowed non-US citizens to vote. And in June, she successfully pushed in the New York State Supreme Court to strike down a law that would have added at least 900,000 non-citizens to the voter rolls.

On October 16, the FNC filed a lawsuit after Pennsylvania’s decision to circumvent state law and the Supreme Court’s decision to say it would count undated absentee votes.

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People use voting machines to fill out their ballot papers as they vote in the Georgia primaries at the Metropolitan Library on May 24, 2022 in Atlanta.

People use voting machines to fill out their ballot papers as they vote in the Georgia primaries at the Metropolitan Library on May 24, 2022 in Atlanta.
(Joe Riddell/Getty Images)

Also this month, the Republican National Assembly won two legal challenges in an effort to ensure poll workers are equally represented for both political parties, forcing Nevada and Arizona to produce polling worker data.

And just last week, the FNC won a legal challenge against Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State, who had illegally restricted ballot contenders, people set up to challenge the eligibility of voters.

“Jocelyn Benson not only disregarded the Michigan Elections Act in issuing these directives, but also violated the rights of political parties and election contestants to ensure complete transparency and enhance confidence that Michigan’s elections are conducted fairly and legally,” McDaniel said in a statement.

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A voter casts his ballot at a polling site in Pittsburgh on May 17, 2022.

A voter casts his ballot at a polling site in Pittsburgh on May 17, 2022.
(Nate Smallwood/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


with the mid-November elections Looming, McGavick told Fox News Digital that the existing infrastructure also puts the party in a position to fight legal battles that could result from close races. But he said that “aggressive litigation efforts by the FNC before the elections in many states succeeded in ensuring that the rules of the road were clear early on.”

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