Roseville activating well storage to bank 44 million gallons of water


Water reserves in times of drought

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – As it continues to rain and snow this winter, Roseville is again beginning to construct groundwater wells to store additional surface water.

Through Saturday, Roseville will store 133 acres of water, which translates to nearly 44 million gallons. This amount could provide drinking water for 366 homes for a year.

The latest banking operation comes in addition to the water banking that occurred for the better part of January, as Roseville stockpiled enough water to supply 1,200 homes annually.

A year ago, Roseville stored enough water to fill 160 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Later in 2022, that water is used as a drinking water source to reduce reliance on Folsom Reservoir.

Roseville’s actions are part of a regional strategy to adapt the Sacramento-area water system to climate change by storing — or “buffering” — excess surface water underground during wet times for later use during dry times. The aquifer is a reservoir under our feet that can hold twice the volume of water Folsom Reservoir.

The Roseville Groundwater Program is expanding. Two new wells are nearing completion, and two more due sometime next month. Water supply infrastructure investments will enhance Roseville’s existing groundwater program, allow more groundwater to be stored as excess surface water becomes available, and help establish a reliable water supply for our customers and the region.


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