Roseville allocates portion of American Rescue Plan Act funds to non-profits


Distributing $1 million over 3 years

Roseville, CA – The city of Roseville received $17 million one-time from The US bailout bill (ARPA) for 2021 to help meet the needs of the city and community. The Roseville City Council appropriated $1 million of these funds for the Roseville Grants Advisory Committee to be distributed to the Roseville community over a three-year period.

The first year of grants awarded from ARPA funding totaling $350,000 was approved by the City Council at its meeting on November 3, 2022. The Grants Advisory Committee reviewed grant applications and made funding recommendations to the City Council using existing committee guidelines that track council budget priorities. City.

Below are the organizations and their projects or programs funded in the first round of grants from ARPA funds.

organisation project/program approved financing
Do not take Troupe, Inc Capital improvements for TNT growth $25,000
Planet of Compassion TAY Mentoring Program $50,000
Child attorneys for Placer Co. CASA for Roseville Foster Youth $24,000
Placer Co. Law Enforcement Center Critical Incident Chaplain Services 30 thousand dollars
blue line arts Arts Education Support $20,000
NCNN America Volunteers HomeStart Playground Project $56000
Seniors first Seniors nutrition program $23333
petal connection Operations and support tasks $20,000
placer food bank Hunger relief after the pandemic $20,000
Sierra College Foundation Student Support – Workforce Development $33333
Keton Childhood Cancer Alliance Pathways to wellness beyond childhood cancer $11667
health education council Peers Helping Peers Roosevelt $23334
AMI Housing, Inc. Roseville Housing and Support Services 13,333 dollars

In order to distribute ARPA funding for this course before the end of the calendar year, an out-of-cycle grant application and review process was developed. Granted nonprofit programs were not awarded funds in the regular FY22/23 grant funding cycle. Priority was given to applications requesting $20,000 or more for one-time programs or projects, and operational support for new programs or expansion of existing programs.

The remaining $650,000 will be distributed as a grant over the next two fiscal years.

  • Fiscal Year 23/24 – $350,000 – Added to the regular funding cycle of the Grants Advisory Committee 23/24
  • Fiscal Year 24/25 – $300,000 – Added to the regular funding cycle of the Grants Advisory Committee 24/25

What is the US bailout plan?

The US Bailout Act of 2021 It is a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package proposed by President Joe Biden to accelerate the United States’ recovery from the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing recession.

be informed: View the voting history on the US bailout

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