Roseville launches Open Budget to offer easier access and insights for residents


Roseville revenue and spending

Roseville, CA – Expansion of the open data portal relaunch, Open RosevilleRoseville city launched open budget With detailed data dedicated specifically to the city’s budget and finances.

open budget It will give Roseville residents a better understanding of city revenue and spending in an easy-to-use, interactive and informative way. Anyone can see our budget and spending from the highest level down to individual items with graphic displays that suit them best.

“next step…”

“Because we are a full-service city with our own facilities, there is a lot of complex data in our budget. “An open budget makes it easier for all of our residents to find the information that is most important to them from our budget in ways that are easy to understand.”

Dominic Casey, Roseville City Manager.

“Roseville is rated AA in bonds, in part due to the extremely high level of professionalism and integrity the city has demonstrated in publicly developing the budget and tracking our spending,” said Dennis Kaufman, Roseville’s chief financial officer and assistant city manager. “The open budget is the next step in making the city’s financial statements easily accessible to the public.”

Initially, three city budgets will be available dating back to the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Data from the current fiscal year budget will be updated every three months.

Open Roseville

Open Roseville It was launched in February 2022. The interactive capital project explorer with an easy-to-use dashboard for tracking capital projects, costs, schedules, images and maps is scheduled to be available in early 2023.

Open Roseville and Open Budget are powered by a Data & Insights solution from Tyler Techniques.


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