Roseville REALTOR shares Benefits of Owning a Home


The pros of home ownership are worth considering

Roseville, CA – The current interest rate environment is worrisome but it shouldn’t be the only part of the home buying decision process.

The answer to the question “is now the right time to buy a home” is the right time for you? Remember that interest rates do not detract from the benefits of buying a home.

Some of the benefits of owning a home

1: Long-term financial growth

Even considering the lowest point on the market in recent memory, the The Great RecessionHome values ​​have risen over time, keeping pace with inflation.

2: Building equity

The down payment and the principal amount in your monthly mortgage payment go directly into your equity. Only rent money goes. This equity, an interest rate homeowner, gives you a lot of flexibility.

3: Tax Savings

Savings and taxes can play nicely together. Equity is a savings, and when you sell a principal residence, taxes are not usually paid on the gain. As a result, sellers can receive up to $250,000 ($500,000 for a married couple) without paying taxes.

4: Deduction of real estate costs

If you itemize, some property costs can be deducted from federal taxes. These include annual interest on your mortgage, state and local property taxes of up to $10,000 and, in the year, some of the fees you paid to close the home.

5: Pay off the fixed-rate mortgage

Unlike rent, the payments on a fixed-rate mortgage don’t go up over the years, so your relative housing costs may go down the longer you own the home. If your earnings go up, paying off a fixed mortgage means that the debt load on the home becomes a lower percentage of the monthly income.

6: Improve credit score

Every payment made on time helps to have a positive credit score.

7: Redesign and improvements

One of the most important advantages of owning a home is that it can be yours. You can make improvements and changes to suit you.


You don’t have to go through the buying or selling process on your own. A Realtor who has the expertise and experience is available to help assess the market and guide you through the offer, negotiations, and closing.

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