Roseville region girds for power outages, heavy rains, and high winds


Northern California is preparing for another big storm

Roseville, California – Here comes the rain again Roseville. Northern California communities are bracing for heavy rain and high winds with gusts over the next two days that could approach hurricane strength levels.

Non-essential travel is not recommended during stormy and extended periods Blackouts They are expected according to local utility officials. Wooded land is expected to allow flooding more easily while rising streams are expected to lead to more localized flooding. Simply put, it’s going to be a chaotic winter storm.

So be prepared as best you can, be safe and sit back and enjoy the show. Here are some tips for overcoming Mother Nature’s attitude.

Prepare the storm

  • chargers
    In the event of a power outage, fully charged devices can keep you connected to others and provide some entertainment during the storm (phones, laptops, tablets, music players, and any other rechargeable gadgets to keep you connected)
  • candles
    These battery operated LED candles and lights work great during a power outage and are a safe alternative to traditional sweet-smelling candles.
  • firewood
    Nothing says a winter storm like the warmth of a crackling fire with the lights out.
  • ice child ice
    It’s all fun and games until the drinks are warm. Make a few blocks of ice and stick them in the cooler in case your refrigerator loses power. Keep ice in storage bags, when it melts you can use water or refreeze it!
  • cold drinks
    Chill is a traditional staple during heavy storms or power outages.
  • Ready meals and snacks
    Have a couple of prepackaged meals and snacks on hand, so if it’s energy tanks, you won’t.
  • Portable music player
    Keep your portable music player charged and close by. Gather around the radio like the good old days or dance a party up a storm!
    Verify Rainy day playlist!

Be safe, be prepared and enjoy the weather!

Dry Creek in Roseville flooded in the wake of a rainstorm

water and wind

National Weather Service Sacramento Valley Alert

“Excessive runoff may cause rivers, creeks, creeks, and other low-lying, flood-prone locations to flood. Streams and creeks may rise from their banks. Floods may occur in poor drainage and urban areas. Low-water fords may flood. Storm drains and ditches may become clogged with debris. FROM Extensive street flooding and flooding of streams and rivers are possible Rivers, streams, and streams in the area run high, especially along cosumnis And the Mukilumne RiversIt is expected to rise with more torrential rains.”

Southeast winds of 30 to 40 mph with winds of 55 to 70 mph expected.

“Devastating winds will blow down trees and power lines. Widespread power outages are expected. Travel will be difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles.”

Power failure / display and report

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