Russia: 10 brucellosis cases reported in the Volgograd region


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In the Volgograd region this year, experts identified 36 foci of zoonotic brucellosis. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, 10 people have contracted this disease from animals.

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The department notes that an outbreak of brucellosis was recorded in the Palasovsky district – 17 foci, Bykovsky – 15, 2 foci each in the Rudnyansky and Yelansky districts.

This year, 10 people contracted brucellosis – 5 cases each in the Balasovsky and Nikolaevsky regions. They became infected after drinking raw milk from sick animals and poorly cooked meat.

Brucellosis is a contagious disease that affects animals and humans as well. The disease is also known as Bang’s disease. In humans, it is known as intermittent fever.

Brucellosis is considered one of the most dangerous diseases of livestock, given the damage that infection causes in animals. reduced milk production, Weight lossLoss of youth, sterility and lameness are some of the effects that affect animals.

Brucella species are named after their primary host: Brucella melitensis is found mostly in goats, sheep, and camels, Brucella abortus is a pathogen of cattle, Brucella bacteria is found primarily in pigs and Brucella canis in dogs.

There are two common ways to get brucellosis. Or not, singly that work with infected animals that have not been vaccinated against brucellosis. This includes farmers, slaughterhouse workers and veterinarians.

They become infected through direct contact or aerosols from infected animal tissues. B. abortus and B. suis are the most common.

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The second method is to eat unpasteurized dairy products.

Brucellosis is also an occupational hazard for laboratory workers who handle samples improperly or who have an accident or spill. Brucellosis is highly contagious in aerosols appearance.

If someone is injured BrucellaThe incubation period is about 2-3 weeks, although it can be months. Fever, night sweats, severe headache, body aches, and other nonspecific symptoms may occur.

Acute and chronic brucellosis can lead to complications in multiple organ systems. The skeletal system, central nervous system, respiratory system, liver, heart, digestive system, and genitourinary system can be affected. The mortality rate for untreated brucellosis is 5%.

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