SEAN HANNITY: Dems are desperately trying to defeat Herschel Walker


Sean Hannity has exposed media bias against Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker as he is in a tough race with current Democratic Senator Warnock.Hannity. “

Shehanti: We are just 22 days away from the election turning point for the direction of this country. Democrats, they are spending tens and tens of millions of dollars and resources in this country and many others in a desperate attempt to defeat, discredit and slander Herschel Walker. Last night they tried to set an ambush Herschel Walker In a mock debate organized by a group of individuals who, in their words, “donated thousands of dollars to Democrats, including Joe Biden.

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks during a campaign stop at Battle Lumber Co. On Thursday, October 6, 2022, in Wadley, Georgia.
(AP Photo / Meg Kennard)

Georgia Democratic Senator John Osoff and even Raphael WarnockJoe Biden and Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly, who was at the debate, donated to the Atlanta Press Club director responsible for the sham debate.


Watch the full video here:

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