Sean McVay couldn’t believe Christian McCaffrey’s trade to the San Francisco 49ers



The biggest move so far has been that of Christian McCaffrey and the San Francisco 49ers. Some people didn’t believe it and Shawn McVeigh was one of them.

Sean McVeigh (left, Los Angeles Rams), Christian McCaffrey (right, San Francisco 49ers)
© Scott Taich, Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesSean McVeigh (left, Los Angeles Rams), Christian McCaffrey (right, San Francisco 49ers)

It’s never easy to face such a star Christian McCaffrey. Los Angeles Rams They thought they’d only have one match against him, but The 49ers traded in San Francisco against And the Sean McVeigh I can’t believe what happened with running back.

NFC West He carries Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. The rivalry between them is huge, so every match between them is very difficult. In their first match in 2022 NFL seasonthe Niners won a 24-9 degreesso Los Angeles tries to take revenge on the second.

Unfortunately Los AngelesThe 49ers made a scare move rams Much. Christian McCaffrey He arrived recently and the contestants will be facing them for the second time in the season, and that’s a thing Sean McVeigh Not very happy.

Sean McVeigh’s shocking reaction to Christian McVery’s trade

In Week 6 of the 2022 NFL Season, rams Face Carolina with Christian McCaffrey still with them. Los Angeles won 24-10, but CMC was a huge threat to Sean McVay’s team.

right when McVay He thinks he doesn’t have to face McCaffrey again, after a week he was traded to the 49ers and There is still one match between Ramez and San Francisco. Not the best news for Los Angeles.

“I thought, ‘Oh,… they’re getting another great player?'” McVeigh told reporters on Monday about his reaction when he learned of the 49ers trade, via NBC Sports Bay Area. As a competitor, she says, Hey, they got it. We should be able to move forward accordinglyAnd they happen to be on the schedule this week. “

According to some reports, Los Angeles tried to add Christian McCaffrey, but the 49ers put in a better offer to get him. Now, they will have to search for another escape, but first they will face who this player of theirs could have been Sunday in the eighth week When they greet San Francisco at SoFi Stadium.

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