See A Whole New Side To These Sites In Southeast Asia After Dark


That new city you spent all day exploring always seems to take on a new life of its own in the evening. You know the after-sunset phenomenon: an electric current that generates rumbling after work and turns the neutral colors of city daylight into multicolored glowing halos. That’s because night means rebirth, especially for the picturesque and culturally diverse places of the mainland and the maritime regions of Southeast Asia.

Below, you can get a taste of the local customs, architecture, and subcultures of Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand through the eyes of residents and visitors in their most realistic and vivid form.

Enjoy a unique performance in the gardens by the bay

Riverside Point, Singapore. Taken by @victor_zhuo on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If you’re looking for something exciting to do once the sun goes down, look no further than Singapore’s light show at By the Bay Gardens Nature Park. The short shows, led by some of Singapore’s most famous composers, usually change themes every month or so. To capture the brilliance of these vibrant lights, consider using a remote shutter on your camera or smart device to avoid camera shake when you tap the shutter button.

Peg in once at one of Bangkok’s signature rooftop bars

Bangkok, Thailand. Taken by @chananote with Samsung Galaxy S22+.

With unique cocktails and stunning views of Bangkok, it is no secret that Thailand is world famous for its rooftop bars. In many of these establishments, you will enjoy unique cocktails, seafood and steaks. However, its most impressive feature is the stunning 360-degree views from where you can see all of Bangkok. To capture these views, you’ll need an ultra-wide lens and night mode options to help you get everything in frame without sacrificing image quality.

Tip: Most rooftop bars enforce a dress code. To ensure you don’t get turned away at the door, avoid sneakers and sandals—particularly for men—avoid sleeveless shirts.

Watch the sunset off the narrow path in Bali

Spending a week of touring with the locals in Canggu at Pererenan Beach is the perfect way to book any excursion. Every Sunday around 5pm, families head to this beach to enjoy the sunset. However, the beautiful view isn’t the only thing that makes this event worthwhile. While you’re there, watch windsurfing and try some local flavors from any number of warungs (food stalls). Definitely consider going on this funky adventure to truly immerse yourself in Indonesian culture.

Light moments in the capital of Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia. Taken by @kriz_nugroho with Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

While you are in Indonesia, check out the historical and modern vibe of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. In the evening, head to Merdeka Square to visit one of Indonesia’s most popular attractions: Monas. The colour-lit, 433-foot-high memorial is breathtaking and symbolizes the struggle for Indonesia’s independence. If you’re looking for more urban photography, venture into Senayan. Pose on neon-lit bridges, golden tunnels, and glowing staircases to spice up any social media page.

Java Barat, Indonesia. Taken by @ieeal with Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

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