See Prince George’s 9th Birthday Photo Taken by Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton and Prince George, Prince William’s eldest children, are close to a decade old. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their son’s birthday tomorrow by releasing a picture of him on holiday in the UK, all smiling. “George is 9 years old! 🎂🎈,” the couple wrote. Kate snapped a picture of him, as she usually does with all her children on their birthdays.

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source talk to us weekly Earlier this year about what George looks like.

“His confidence has grown equally over the past two years,” the source began. “He’s assertive, confident, knows what he wants, and doesn’t hold back from speaking what’s on his mind. His personality is really starting to shine through.”

The source added that George is also “incredibly tidy” and “immaculate”, but still has a “nice, mischievous side.”

The source explained that “he likes to prank his parents and brothers and make everyone laugh.” “Despite the responsibilities he will have in his future role, Kate and William don’t want to see him grow up too quickly. They are determined to give him as much of a normal childhood as possible as he works wonders. He is a lovable and humble little boy.”

The source revealed that George has a keen interest in art: ‘He copies the art and photographs found in Kensington Palace and his Anmer Hall homes. He will spend hours drawing and painting and absolutely loves it. Kate and William were surprised at how great he was and they framed some of his paintings and gave them to them. [Queen Elizabeth] as gifts. His favorite thing is to draw pictures of his family.”

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