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Selma Blair was one of the top performers on DWTS Season 31 and Monday was her last night as a contestant. Here, check out why she came out and what she said about it.

Selma Blair in her last episode of DWTS 2022.
© Tweet embedSelma Blair in her last episode of DWTS 2022.

through the path The fifth week From Dancing with the stars We saw how several pairs were eliminated from the dance competition. But this was not the case for Selma Blair, where the famous actress decided to step down of her own free will. She and her designated partner, Sasha Farber, danced for the last time to the beat What the world needs right now is love.

Both received excellent grades from judges. After completing her choreography, the star told her co-workers, “Here, I’ve had physical gains that I couldn’t get through physical therapy or with Zoom therapy with my body or my balance. This was truly an overwhelming treatment. On her first appearance on the show, she gave an amazing performance with her partner after she got away from her masher and danced a Viennese Waltz to the tunes of David Cook. time of my life.

The performance moved everyone in attendance so much that Judge Carrie Ann Inaba told her that she danced like a real artist. So Her move made a huge difference She has raised the bar for her peers. Now, Blair has already said goodbye to the audience and everyone who shared her journey and passage in the competition. Here, see what she had to say:

DWTS 2022: Why did Selma Blair drop out of the competition?

The 50-year-old actress decided that Stay away from the competition because of development of multiple sclerosis She has been struggling since 2018. The demands of the show are too high and the star thinks it’s best not to continue with the competition in order to focus on compatibility with autoimmune diseases.

Salma admitted to US Weekly that over the past week she had to visit her doctor and came to the conclusion that Couldn’t keep dancing as it was So much for the safety of her bones. After she underwent a series of tests, she learned that she suffered Several damages to her joints.

“I had an MRI on my knee, and the doctor said, ‘Uh, if you can model it in the pool or do something that, you know, doesn’t carry weight” He added, after saying he hoped to get better before the episode, “I was like, ‘Oh, but maybe I’m feeling better. Let me check things out, and then, if it’s okay, I’ll move on. It wasn’t great, but nothing terrible. But I was like, ‘Oh, that’s good.’ I’m not ready for what’s terrible, but [the idea of] The departure was horrific enough last week. I felt like last week would be our last dance. But I was like, ‘No, it’s impossible’.

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