Seniors First receives Meals on Wheel grant to assist in Placer County


Funding will help fill gaps and expand nutrition offerings for seniors

Auburn, California – Seniors first It recently announced that it received $15,000 from Meals on Wheels Americaa national leadership organization that supports community-based programs across the United States dedicated to addressing isolation and starvation for older adults, to help fill gaps in the availability of basic nutrition services in Placer County.

The grant is part of the Meeting Unmet Needs Grant Program that aims to meet the nutritional needs of disadvantaged or underserved seniors and expand meal options to medically and/or culturally tailored offerings in communities across the country.

In Placer County, the $15.00 grant will continue to fund meals provided to all new and existing seniors first.

“We are so grateful to receive such a large grant from Meals on Wheels that will allow us to continue our commitment to seniors in Placer County and do what we love. CEO Stephanie Verstra said we look forward to the future of Seniors First and Meals on Wheels.

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In total, $643,770 in grants to 45 local Meals on Wheels programs were awarded through the program made possible by the Meals on Wheels America’s Go Fund — a fund set up in early 2021 to build momentum and support after the COVID emergency response -19.

“It is critical that we invest in the ability of Meals on Wheels to expand services and reach all those in need of ‘more than Meal'(r) a lifeline, especially as the ongoing effects of the pandemic, inflation and other factors have made the Meals on Wheels America, the growing number of seniors will be more at risk.” The Meals on Wheels(tm) service model provides the vital nutrition, safety, socialization, and community connections needed to enable seniors to live independently in the communities in which they want to be, and programs need Local to continuous support to meet the demand for services. “

To learn more about Seniors First’s efforts to address the unmet needs in Placer County, visit Older people first – caring for the elderly community.


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