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What happens: It’s a start lion season! Starting the best season of the year with a bang, lucky Mercury and Jupiter align on Saturday, and Venus juxtaposes with Jupiter on Monday. Translation: Get ready for action – the fun kind! And enjoy it for as long as it lasts, because Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Tuesday, then with Uranus on Thursday, which means sudden (and stressful) conversations break out during the week.

What does that mean to you*:


that’s love! End of this week hotAnd I’m not talking about the weather. You find opportunities to flirt and cheat everywhere you go. You are naturally more attractive and confident now, that exactly What attracts people your way. be yourself! Show a little! You may end up finding your next girlfriend by the end of the week!

the Bull

Have you been thinking about your previous relationships? Many Lately, and at the same time, you’re focused on what you want in the future of your love life. But with all that thinking, you lose a lot of potential matches. If you keep one leg in the past, and the other in the future, all you do is pee today, Taurus. Learn to let go of the past and live in the present – go on dates, connect, and play with new potential specials without setting expectations too high.


You’re known for being one of the most social signs, and this week, that’s especially true! You’re more open and eager to connect with others, so it’s time to open up your dating apps and swipe up on some attractive people. Keep it casual, though! Don’t get into the adventure of assuming they’re going to end up being LOYL – just enjoy it!


Just because your birthday is over, doesn’t mean the party is over! Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, is in your sign right now, so you’re a luscious magnet. Monday is your luckiest day in love this week – Venus connects with Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, which definitely makes you radiate Attractiveness and sexual attraction. Put yourself out there and you will be able to find someone like who – which!


Happy birthday, Leo! Next month is all about you! Your task this week is to turn every day into an adventure. In bed, it might look weird, buy some toys or surprise your friend with some sexy lingerie. And if you’re single, this can feel like you flick your phone and scroll through date apps, or go to the bar and flirt with someone who isn’t your usual type. Shake up this week, Leo, and make your love life fun again!


There are some great lessons you can take ought to You learned re: relationships, but you haven’t dealt with them for the past year. This person who wronged you and plays with your feelings? Why didn’t you confront them! That person who drove you but didn’t want to commit? Why did it take forever to cut it! If you meet anyone this week, they will probably be diffuse With red flags – learn the lesson and cut it before you get hurt repeatedly.


You’ll meet your next potential lover soon! Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance and luck, is energized in your chart’s relationships area this week. If you happen to come across an interesting guy or slip a whole dream boat into DMs, take a chance! There’s no guarantee they’ll stay here, but they’ll stay here long enough to have a little fun, so get it!

The scorpion

So, you are ready to take things to the next level. Likes, truly Ready. So ready, in fact, that you might want to blow the relationship forward, whether or not your date is ready! That’s the thing – you can’t. Manufacture Someone wants to take the next step. They may not feel ready to interact with you, DTR, or move in with you, and that’s okay! Do not drive the case. And don’t think of it as “no,” but rather, “not now.” slow down!


This weekend is all about spice things up! This not only means that you need to become a bedroom freak – you are also asked to make the romantic aspect of your relationship more exciting! Take your boo on a spontaneous day trip, or go somewhere entirely new for your date night. Or just invite your boy on a date! shake it up!


You focus on your deepest and most important relationships at the moment. If you’re awake, this is a great time for romance, intimacy, and eroticism. But if not, you are probably feeling very lonely now. In fact, you drowning in feelings. Well, if you are single and ready to mingle, then start mingling! Venus activates the relationship area of ​​your chart, so it’s one of the best times of the year to connect with someone new. Over time, you can finally slip into the deep, intimate relationship you’re looking for.


It’s handcuff season! Lion season is one of the Better Times of the year to wake up, and Saturday is your luckiest day for love. Go out and meet someone new, or start scrolling through date apps, and you’ll find yourself right in the middle! Monday is a great day for a first date. Note: If you’re crushing on a cute coworker, ask them! They might be looking your way, too.


Here’s the bad news: Leo season makes work dominate your life. You’re busier than ever, and your love life should take a backseat for a while. But here’s the good news: Venus activates the sexiest part of your chart right now! It’s not very likely that you’ll find your next significant other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Sure, you’re drowning in work at the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the light-hearted pace of your lunch break now and then!

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