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What happens: Tonight, there Cassime Mercurywhich is basically a one-day free jailbreak card for mercury retrogradeIn fact, it represents the midpoint of the retreat. Mercury Retrograde also kicks off Mercury’s favorite brand, Virgo, tonight. Then on Saturday, Venus opposed Neptune, the planet of mysteries and deception, before aligning with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, on Sunday… while also connecting with Mercury. The sun is also the opposite of lucky Jupiter on Sunday. Yes, it is a busy day!

The week is less eventful, but on Tuesday, Mercury aligns with Pluto, and on Wednesday, Mars and the dangerous Saturn correlate. Finally, on Thursday, Venus enters Libra, one of her favorite signs!

What does that mean for you*:


Cassime Mercury tonight is a big “aha”! A moment for you, Aries. You know exactly where you stand when it comes to your relationship, and you know exactly where you want to go with your partner in the future. Because it’s still Mercury Retrograde, that’s not it Better However, it’s time for DTR. Venus enters the relationship area of ​​your chart at the end of the week, so you can rest assured that you will have plenty of action soon, whether you warm up or not!

the Bull

Mercury retrogrades into Virgo this weekend, which energizes your chart area of ​​romance, sex, and fun. If your love life has been particularly dry lately, it’s time to flirt and find someone to cheat on! Sunday is your luckiest day when it comes to your love life, so schedule a date or just have a good time. Venus entering Libra at the end of the week indicates that there is a cute co-worker inside of you, so if you’re crushing on a co-worker, now is the time to bring it up!


This weekend is great for your love life, especially if you’re in the market for a connection! If you’re looking for a FWB, now is the time to ask your boyfriend if he wants to get caught up in bed. This isn’t the best time to take your love life too seriously, however, and Libra season, as well as Venus entering Libra at the weekend, is all about going through your options and sampling all kinds of different lovers. This way, you’ll be able to find one that fits you perfectly – just wait until Mercury Retrograde is over to start anything serious!


Your DMs are full this weekend, Cancer! In fact, there are a bunch of newbies out there trying to connect with you – and there are a few exes interested in getting some, too. This is the time to experience your love life (in and out of bed), flirt with lots of people, and have a good time without worrying about commitment. Relax and have fun, don’t set any high expectations for any of your favorite things at the moment.


Shoot your shot! The cazimi Mercury tonight is one of the best crossovers to send an important text message or start a main conversation. However, Mercury is still Retrograde, so if you’re thinking of making it official, hold out for a little longer. Instead of saying “Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?” Just let them know you love them ManyAnd, you are open to exploring something more serious with them in the future.


This is the last week that Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in your sign, so make the most of it! Ask your crush, approach that hottie at the bar, or a DM that matches the sexy Tinder you just hooked up with, and you’re all guaranteed to succeed! Now, your words carry enormous power, you have an extremely magnetic aura, and only people the death to get with you. Take advantage of this exciting astronomy before Venus enters Libra on Thursday!


The planet of love, Venus, is still in your chart twelfth house From previous and incomplete cycles, so you won’t get much action this week – instead, you can count on dealing with exes, and use that time to tie loose ends and find the conclusion. Not very fun, I know, but listen; There is some good news this weekend! Venus enters one of his favorite signs, for you Signature, on Thursday, which turns you into a complete babe magnet. You are about to bring lots and lots of magic into your love life!

The scorpion

The boy you like sends conflicting signals, and that takes a heavy toll on you. This week, go to them and set the record straight. Do they like you? Are they interested in something serious or just a relationship? These are the questions you need to ask so that you can be on the same page. You’re not guaranteed to get a lot of action, but you can finish this week knowing exactly where you stand. Don’t set high expectations, even though expectations are just willful resentment, and you don’t want to be disappointed or sad because you thought something wasn’t.


Libra season is all about making new bonds, and you’re really embracing those feelings right now! If you are looking for a romantic relationship, you will have no problem finding someone to be cheating on with. If you want to turn friendship into an FWB attitude, this is the weekend to try! Sunday is your luckiest day in love, Sagittarius, so fire up the weekend. Get ready, because you are about to have an excellent time!


You have reached a major point in your love life this week, Capricorn. If you’ve been crushing on someone so hard, this week is the time to get fired up. If you’ve been going steady with someone, now is the time to consider making it official. Think Here’s the action word: Don’t use DTR just yet—just figure out exactly how you want to start that conversation, then after Mercury Retrograde ends on October 2, you can start The Talk.


This week, you’re (uncharacteristically) feeling emotional when it comes to your love life. If you’re awake, that’s great! Romance comes more easily and sex is more intimate. If you’re not looking for any fun tied to any restrictions, you might want to wait until Venus enters Libra on Thursday before finding someone to connect with. Catching feelings for your fling is guaranteed now!


Venus, the planet of love, has been lighting up the relationships area of ​​your chart for the past two weeks, and unfortunately, this is the last week of this beautiful transit – so make the most of these good vibes as you can! If you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re in luck, because astrological Sundays and Tuesdays are amazing to put yourself out there and find a new love relationship. Open your dating apps, go to your favorite bar, or text your crush – the odds are completely in your favor.

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